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Mesh clothing not rezzing - rez it on the ground and wear!

Mira Kamiguwa

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So working on my own mesh I had this issue,  I uploaded a sweater I had made and wore it from my inventory.  Everything seemed fine until I asked my friend to have a look at it.  She said she could not see it,  I sent her a copy and same issue.  I could see her wearing it but she couldn't see the mesh.  

At this point I remembered some thing,  I rezzed the mesh on the ground and it was very small.  I enlarged it and wore it from the ground.  My friend immediatly saw me wearing the mesh and after I gave her a copy of this mesh she could see her self wearing the mesh.  

Today I logged in and just couldnt see the mesh outfit I had been wearing,  so I visited a sandbox, rezed it on the ground and wore it.  Then it poped back into view again :).   

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