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Faster map clean up - Blender

Chic Aeon
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So is there a magical "snap to grid" options or something like that for cleaning up UV maps in the UV editor pane? Even when you mark edges and plan painstakingly it seems like there is often something not quite right especially once you get away from quadralaterals. I have been cleaning this up by hand to get easy to work with ambient maps but sometimes it takes FOR-E-VER. Just wondering if there is a faster / better way than manipulating with vertices and mouse placement *wink*. 


I know you can select islands and such but sometimes you need something like the edge of a coin for example to be straight rather than its natural shape for texturing purposes.





Thanks all. Will definitely look into that. And "no" I did not know. Been doing it by hand which happily isn't too painful as I do "picky" quite well. Only need it now and then but will DEFINITELY explore your informative offerings. Many thanks. There are sometimes I suspect where "by hand" will still need to be used, but this info will definitely be helpful!

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It you look  closely at the bottom of the UV window there is a SNAP function you can turn on and of.  Also the shortcut key W brings up a menu for aligning selected verts in various directions as well as welding them.

You should also check out videos on youtube specifically explainaing how to use the sew tool which brings together islands that have been split off. 


Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 6.49.31 PM.png

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It's likely that you already know this (otherwise you've been suffering greatly), but play with the weld/align options.

Press the "w" hotkey to get to those; Straighten will flatten out a selected edge by averaging the selected vertices (as far as I can tell), align will flatten your selection out by snapping it to the grid on the axis you choose(which sounds like what you want).

Now we just need the "unwrap perfectly and actually mark our seams for us too while you're at it" button.

Edit: Well, looks like I took too long to type that out.

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