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Double Protected Waterfront ½ Sim for Rent. 7,500 Prims / L$9,000 Per Week

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TP to Property

Larose is a high-quality double-protected mainland sim, possibly one of the most exclusive mainland sims in Second Life!

On 2 sides we have double-protected linden ocean, with access to countless connecting ocean fronts. Ideal for those that love sailing! On the third side is a protected linden sim so you truly have a sense of isolation and privacy. The other half of this sim is beautifully landscaped to a high standard giving you a location of breath-taking beauty.

The land terrain is exotic beach/sand and is totally flat, allowing you to terraform above and below the linden waterline anywhere. This gives you unlimited landscaping possibilities, giving free reign to all those creative urges.

The sim is located in a secluded region of Second Life, offering you a genuine privacy whilst still allowing you to participate in the various regional activities that go on. This is a classy region, made up of beautifully landscaped sims and stunning views.  We own many connecting waterfront sims in this region which enables us to create a theme and ambience that creates an environment that truly is a pleasure to live in.

Full Group Powers* are given with this rental, allowing you to totally control your land as if you owned it yourself. This is a highly unique service we offer not usually offered to mainland rentals.

  • Details:  15000 Prims /L$ 19,000 Per Week / 65,536 sqm (10% discount on 4 week payments).
  • Covenant: Residential Only. We ask that your builds are done with a style that reflects the beauty/theme of the area.
  • Group Permissions:  Full Sim/Group Powers are given (*with one minor security exception).

We specialize in Protected Waterfronts and own numerous quality sims. So whatever your requirements, we can usually fix you up with your ideal home. Also, full group powers are given on any parcels that are ¼ sim or above. Our Support Service is exemplary; our priority is to find the property that best suits your needs.

Please contact Princess Paisley or mush Caldera for assistance.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3250 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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