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Jaimy Hancroft

WANTED- rigg mesh artist for store (est 2008),Split profits or one time pays/ negotiable.

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Hi im a designer and still learning mesh.. i can build mesh but not rigg yet or do a proper UVmapping on it yet (learning)  i rigged some things but its not up to my standards yet.. i will get there..but for now.. i need someone that can fill in for the time being.

I'm allso busy right now with another project  as texturizer for a company wich has me left out of learning  a bit for now. allthough i would like to have  some custom mesh items.. im kinda tired of the templates that are out there and everybody else has iv allways been unique with textures and  sculpts and right now its hard to be with every store getting the same full perm meshes.

Im willing to do a split between 60-70%  profit for you, , i want to texture the meshes myself and all the other works  the split profit  is permanent.. or if you prefer  a one time payment thats fine too .. whatever you think its best for you. i own death row design its been around a long time and i have a little bit of everything .. i have a steady group of buyers and devoted customers (6000+ in group and 2000+in subscribers) and i want to evolve a bit and change the store around one  more time too in the near future (vendorstyle)

im looking for someone who can do rigged mesh clothing and boots.. it will be for a couple times.. not a daily job but sporadicly as you wish and maybe we can work together on something or other agreements .. im flexible


IM me inworld or send me  a private message if you are interested in the job and send me some examples of the work too :)


Thank you for reading :D



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