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Toysoldier Thor

:( Friday 4pm SLT Sim Server Meeting end. SUCKS

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I just read yesterday on the Nalates blog that Andrew has decided to end the Friday 4pm slt meeting and merged it into a Thursday 3pm slt meeting.  I went to the meeting tonight at 4pm SLT and sure enough.... there was almost no one there.  In fact - even a Linden showed up that was not aware that Andrew cancelled the meeting either.

I had to show the Linden - Nalate's posting.

I am not happy with this cancel and move to Thursday.  It was one of the few meetings that was late enough SLT that allowed me to get home from RL work and attend this meeting.  I learned a lot from these meetings and was able to bring up a lot of issues to discuss.

At least - if they werre moving Friday's meetings into Thursday's meetings... they should have changed Thursday's meetings to as late in the business day as possible so that more North American people that work 9 - 5 in RL could get home to attend.

Now I will no longer be able to attend these valuable meetings.

PS... it would have been nice if the Lindens 1) attended the last Friday meeting to announce to THESE participants that they were cancelling the meeting.... 2) that they would change the SL User Group WIKI to show that Friday's meetings were cancelled. 

Very Disappointing. :(

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