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Rorrim Wrigglesworth

Cenotaph Memorial Park now listed in the SL Destination Guide

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The Cenotaph Memorial, RoBeck Isle.jpg


Yay...! :)


It's finally listed - and correctly too.

Thank you Brett for your help and assistance with this and also thanks for listing this for me, after you spotted it in here on the forums as a post by Kalmeira Writer- and thankyou as well.

Thanks to all that visited on the 11th November and also thanks for the very nice comments. Much appreciated and also thanks to those who made donations, that was a very nice suprise I can tell you and also appreciated as well.

This is an old image.. well.. it's one that I took in early October just before I opened the park and since this was taken I've also made a few minor adjustments to the park as well.

Free wreaths and crosses as well as a free wearable poppy are all available for use by everyone who wishes to do so.

A Garden of Remembrance is also in place with a small video screen playing a few videos from YouTube in relation to Remembrance Sunday  and also November 11th as well as a video that is from the The Royal British Legion.

These are set to play only if you are within a set distance of the player and when you are only then will turn on and play. so to watch it you will have to have your audio/visual settings turned on and set to allow media to play. When you move away from the area it will turn off.


Please do visit the Royal British Legion website and donate to them if you wish to do so instead of making donations to me.Also the donations I've received have now been paid to the RBL over the past few days. Thankyou to those who have donated, you know who you are :)


Thanks again to all who have visited and also donated as well.


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Hi all

I've not been online for a little while, over a month now, so if you sent me any IM's and I've not responded to you then apologies from me as they've been capped.

Also I like to say a special thankyou to all those that made donations, I've not got your names to hand at the moment, but I will be contacting you all personally, albeit a little late, to say thankyou and your donations were very much appreciated.

I've had a little tidyup up in the park and returned all the wreaths etc to those who laid them at the Cenotaph. (The prim count was nearing the limit for the region and I do like to keep some in reserve)

I am adding a few park benches so people can sit in peace and quiet if they want to do so. Although this park will mainly be used in Oct/Nov each year, you are all more than welcome to use it as a place of calm and peace. I am working on some various trees and backdrops to make it more in sync with the seasons of the year. Also there will be a newer version of the memorial in the new year when it is completed.. ( it will have text on it, hopefully if it works as transferring it from a 3d cgi model in Blender and getting it to work in SL is problematic to say the least. as certain objects in Blender don't transfer into SL and some that do tend to "ghost" and go "alpha" on one side making the memorial hollow looking in certain parts. I may well have to "paint" it on or use an image instead. This keeps the prim count down but it won't be as realistic as I'd like it to be.

I will be placing a box in the park in the near future, as people have suggested doing this for the park. When this is done it will be a discreet one that blends in and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb and detract from the park.


Anyway as I've already said, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who did leave wreaths and crosses (working on these as well as poppies too) and once again thank you to all of those who made donations.

Rorrim Wrigglesworth



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