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Premium Exclusive Gift for November 2012: Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04

Hugsy Penguin
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I didn't see this posted about yet so I thought I'd post a review of the new premium gift:

Take to The Skies of Second Life in Your Airplane, Second Life’s Newest Premium-Only Gift.


Overall, on a scale from 1 to 5, I give it a 3.5.


Looks great.

Even though it's a no modify mesh, the texture is changeable.

It has different “sit” animations.  You can sit in the cockpit or sit or lay on the wing.  My favorite is to hang from the tail.

Seats up to 10.

Simple usage.  It has “sit” setup for the left-click action so you don't need to right-click sit.  Also, no start-up commands.  Just jump in and it starts up and you're ready to fly.

Beginner mode flying takes a minimal amount of effort/practice to get used to.  It handles ok – not the best, but ok.

The propeller actually spins (as opposed to a spinning texture) and has a wobble effect.

I like the subtle trailing smoke.

You can configure what happens when you press the up and down arrow keys.  For example, when you press the up arrow key you can make the plane nose-up (because up means go up) or you can make the plane nose-down (because that's what happens in real airplanes when you push the controls forward).


Bug:  When crossing a sim border, it repeats the last control input.  For example, if you were flying south and then turned to the right to go west, when you cross the next border, the plane will kick to the right.  I've seen this before with other aircraft but not all aircraft do this.

I'm not a fan of “analog” throttle control especially when it's output to chat.  You press and hold page up (or down) and it spams chat with the new throttle setting.  I prefer to press page up once and it goes up by 10% or whatever.

Perhaps I just need more practice, but advanced mode flying was too difficult for general flying around.  It might be useful if you're trying crazy aerobatics.

When you sit in the plane, it gives you basic instructions on how to fly it.  It doesn't tell you that you can now click the body of the plane for options.  Experienced vehicle users might try it anyway, but new users may not ever realize there are options.
It has a good sound but there's only one sound.  Whether you're idle or full-throttle, it sounds the same.

Bug:  Rez the plane and it's orange.  Change texture to Original.  I assume this was supposed to take it back to the original orange.  Instead, it changes to green.  No big deal really but a bit odd.

About the scale:

1 to 5 Scale:

1=horrible, the worst, unusable
2=bad, not the worst, some redeeming qualities, definitely not good though
3=neutral, undecided
4=good, not perfect, some downers, definitely not bad though
5=perfect or near perfect, the best

Why I gave it a 3.5:

Anything over a 3 means that I like it and I definitely do like this airplane.  It's certainly not a 5 though.  It's not quite a 4 either.  To me, things rated at a 4 may not be perfect but they're good enough for day to day use.  The sim border crossing bug and “analog” throttle annoy me too much to want to use it on a more regular basis so it gets the middle between 3 and 4.

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I think the real value in vehicles like this is that it exposes a -LOT- of people to SL vehicles. Hopefully a good number of them will start thinking "what if I could have this as a [...other kind of aircraft...] and go shopping.

And hopefully it causes a lot more people to show up at various SL airports and look around for some like minded people.


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It seats 10?

Now that sounds like fun.  I wonder where at least 9 of the passengers would end up after a couple of sim crossings.

I haven't yet had chance to log in and pick up my plane. I love how all the free gifts so far (apart from the very first one, which was a bunch of living room furniture I think), it would appear LL want us to be testing various forms of travel. Interesting :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:

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Jo Yardley wrote:

I'm happy that I got a gift that I can actually use, one that fits in with the theme of the sim where I spend all my time.

But ehm... not a good idea to fly after drinking a few schnaps...



/me chortles!

I can see there will be a lot of planes crashed all over the grid from now on.

Such fun!

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I was really eager to see this plane because I love planes an flight simulators. So here's my verdict.


  1. Nice texture and shape


  1. It's larger than life-size. All avatars look really tiny in them (see picture-there's actually someone sitting in it).
  2. The sound's really boring. The same sound loop, at different speeds
  3. There's a long smoke trail behind you even when you stand still (see picture).
  4. The flight physics are horrible (like most SL planes), it does not give you the feeling the plane's gliding though the air. The flight physics are disproportionate to the size of the plane (low verlocity/big plane, huge wings, tiny turns).
  5. The absolute worst: the trottle gives feedback in IM with every change, so your screen gets flooded with this when you change the throttle:

                     [11:20] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 93%
                     [11:20] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 89%
                     [11:20] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 85%
                     [11:20] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 84%
                     [11:20] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 81%
                     [11:20] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 77%
                     [11:21] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 73%
                     [11:21] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 70%
                     [11:21] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 72%
                     [11:21] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 70%
                     [11:21] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 66%
                     [11:21] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 62%
                     [11:21] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 58%
                     [11:21] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 54%
                     [11:21] Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04: Throttle is at 52%

1 Pro, 5 cons, that's a solid 16%

Oh, one advantage of these planes having large wings is that I can land my own plane on them. :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:



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Les White wrote:

So, who's idea was it to give a plane away? Explore the annoying bugs of sim crossing in your new poorly made SL plane!

erm, lol?

sad-face.gif  That plane is so... sAng_badmood.gif


In general planes in SL do not work even close to realistic flying due to SL's limitations.  But anyway, why the gift couldn't have been something as good as can be made in SL - fun to fly - I wonder?



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Sinjin Cooperstone wrote:

I do appreciate that LL is thinking of us, but wish they would mix in a few other types of premium gifts once in awhile... I'm just not interested in vehicles.

My own theory is that Linden Lab are just wanting us to test the sim crossings and/or be more sociable (ten places to sit on this plane for goodness sake!)

However, I agree with you, as nice as the free gifts are - and my favourite most definitely has been the rail handcar - it's a little unimaginative to just be giving out vehicles all the time. 

What would you fancy as a free gift?  I'd like trees that drop extra gifts at random intervals, like silly things to wear on my head, or roller skates, or roller skates and a skating rink, or an invitation to a party, or a "Come And Decorate a Linden" event where we could all go and build a brick sh1thouse around Rodvik or something.

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Perrie Juran wrote:

I am really wondering how many of these Premium Gifts are just winding up in peoples trash bins?


I can't speak for other people, but my previous Premium Gifts are undoubtedly lost underneath the pile of clusterf4ckery that makes up my inventory generally.  Always been the bane of my life (and I am no more organised with my RL inventory, but I have been working on that at least today :matte-motes-big-grin:  )

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I haven't trashed any of my premium gifts, but they definitely haven't seen any use since the first day I got them.  If I recall correctly the first of these gifts was a furniture set created by the merchant The Loft, and the Lindens received considerable flack for giving a merchant free exposure.  After that I'm not surprised if they are not seeking out those more experienced in creating these particular items.

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It was nice to get some informed feedback on the airplane, but what interested me more than that was the mention of the two premium flying areas.


It sounded like those might be really good places to use for learning to handle the couple of fliers I already have—I get kind of tired of picking them out of my neighbor's banlines. Having a whole sim to work with would be quite helpful. Has anybody checked these out, and would they be useful for flying practice?


ETA: I remembered seeing something on the Feed about Inara Pey's blog that might have had to do with this. It did. She's got information about the airplane and about the Orville sim. She was not pleased with the runway alignment but since both my current flyers are VTOL, or can be, that isn't an issue. Does sound like it would be a good place to get more comfortable with handling the vehicles. Her blog post is here.

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According to the blog post, that airport is on the west end of one of the Linden home continents:


You have three quad-sim sandboxes to the north, plus interconnecting sims and the whole Linden-home-continent,
which takes out a lot of the usual problems encountered on the mainland.


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Up to now I have had no interest in the extras my premium accounts affords me such as Linden Homes and the free content. However this time I was intrigued. I have not flown a plane in SL since about 2006 at Abbots Aerodrome so I gave it a try and I thought it was really good fun. The plane looks cool and handles well and I spent an enjoyable 30 mins flying about, crossing sim borders without issue and testing out the various seating positions. 

It's been years since I did something recreational in SL, just for fun so well done Linden Labs for finally offering me something of interest.

Plane 3/5

The experience 5/5

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Definitely not worth upgrading for but if you've already upgraded or are planning on upgrading (perhaps for the 50% off deal) then it's definitely a fun little bonus, that is assuming you have no problem crashing and (metaphorically) burning every time you try to cross a sim in it.

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Thank you. But I wish these gifts would be sent to our Inventory. I don't know where to get one, since these emails usually go  to spam. Plus I can't use mesh, so I am not very motivated to ask around. (The last time I did ask around, I got a lot of "I don't know" anyway.)

It is a nice idea though, and appreciated.

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