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Feature Request: Contact button on product listing or link to mysl profile when clicking on name

Alice Klinger

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Today i would like to mainly suggest a contact feature right on listings.

Ideal would be if it opens the contact form of the online profile when someone clicks on the seller name.

This one: https://my.secondlife.com/de/inbox/messages/new

And it fills seller name as receipient in right away, because that with the dot and two names, might be confusing for new residents since the change to display names. So it needs filled in right away for those, to contact the right person.

In addition, a "contact merchant" button that opens the same form to write a message to the seller would really be helpful to reflect to customers who to contact with questions or redeliver requests.

Please though, make this "NOT" come from same email as the purchase information.

I had to filter those out to get deleted right away because they flood my inbox with useless information, and sadly can only be switched off by switching offline IM - To-Email off as well so... that is another thing that sorely needs improvement but i will get to that.

I do get the My Second Life profile messages fine and can easily recognize those and tell them apart from the spam so the contact needs to come from that page please as this already proves to work!

Reasoning: While it is great that new residents seem to find the marketplace really early in their Second Life now,

most rate  the merchants badly for not delivered items, in lack of the knowledge how to contact anyone for redelivery.

And it is really NOT the merchant's fault that items do not arrive ;-)

Today i found this for the about one millionst time, and when asking the person why they did not ask me for redelivery instead rating bad right away, they gave me exactly that reason "i did not know how to contact you" so i thought it is time for this feature request.

A "redeliver item" button for the buyer for quick self help is long overdue as well but maybe someone can at least begin to  think of implementing it.

Would be extremely helpful. Even if only optional for those who sell copyable items anyways.

You know, like the tickboxes on the listing form for "needs unpacking" etc, and then it shows on the website "can be redelivered" when you tick that. Or something similar.

And then make a timer on it so that the system does not break down while people get impatient and click it a couple hundred times or something like that lol.

Big things start with small ideas. ;-)


Thumbs up and comment everyone who wants any of these features too!



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Personally, I'd rather they spend the time and resources fixing delivery issues than adding another feature that forces merchants to check still another source for customer messages.  Already we have IM's , IM's to email and notecards as well as private messages on the web profiles if you chose to allow them. 

In addition the name of the merchant is already given on the item page, the storefront, and the order transaction record. If you click the name of the merchant on the store front , it takes you right to the web profile with a big message button. If they can't figure out who to contact now, then they can ask support, file a ticket, or ask in the answers section.  There is only so much hand holding that is effective. I don't hold out much hope of that this.would alleviate much of the problem.  As it is, LL will remove bad reviews for delivery issues.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3271 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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