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Trix Braveheart

Stutter on Looped Animation

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I created my first animation for SL using Qavinator, it works beautifully except where I looped the last 50 frames of the 270 frame animation. I copied the last position (the 50 frames from the end) and pasted it to the last frame, then looped the final frames. It looks okay in the preview pane for SL, but, when I upload it and try it out in world, I get an annoying stutter in the frame. When uploading, I messed with the timein and looped the last 10% of the animation which is well within the 50 frames.
This link will show a video of the behaviour, I included only a few seconds..the rest of the animation works great


Any help on how to avoid this would be appreciated, thank you

I was sure I read something from Medhue Simoni about this issue but I've been back 5 pages in the Forum and don't see it again.


I found the old post, it's from July 2012, and will try the possible solutions there...


fingers crossed


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Looks like you have a keyframing issue. When keyframing, and having open frames between keyframes, the program will slitghtly curve the movement to the next keyframe. My advice is to place another keyframe after the keyframe that starts the looping part. This should stop the program from curving the motion to the next keyframe and make your loop perfect. If you were using Poser, then you would just turn off the spline and turn on linear, but I don't think you can do that in Qavi.


Here is a graph of how this works in Poser. I'm assuming if you do the same thing in Qavi, then you will get similar results. I put in a few more keyframes to try and make the line straighters, which you might want to do also. The top graphs shows how the movement curves from keyframe to keyframe. The bottom graphs show me putting in a few more keyframes to straighten that curve out. Oh, and those added keyframes are just exact copies of the previous keyframe.


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