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My viewers won't open after a clean install

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None of my viewers are opening, including SL viewer, Catznip, Firestorm, and Phoenix.

They're stuck at the dialogue box that says 'Initializing VPS', and I can't get into the actual viewer to clear my cache.  

I tried clean installs and restarting my computer, to no avail. 

I was able to get on last night and haven't been able to since, and I haven't changed any settings at all since then.

Help?  ;A;

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You don't have to access the viewer to delete the caches. If you did clean installs, then you must have manually deleted the caches from your hard drive so perhaps you didn't delete all the necessary folders. Following is the usual remedy when the viewer fails at initialising cache. You will need to do this for each viewer you have installed but when reinstalling I suggest you only install one and try logging in before installing any more.. You have so many viewers installed, it's possible things are getting confused on your hard drive, make sure each viewer cache is in a separate folder.

Uninstall normally then manually remove the hidden Second Life folders in AppData.

Enable Hidden Files & Folders:

1) Open Control Panel
2) Open “Folder Options”
3) Open the “View” tab
4) Check “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”

Press OK and close control panel.

Accessing AppData:

Browse to the path below that corresponds to your operating system:

Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\

Windows Vista - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\

Windows Vista Home Premium - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\

Windows 7 - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\ 

Inside the AppData folder:

1) Open the Local folder and delete the entire Second Life folder.

2) Go back one level to the AppData folder.

3) Open the Roaming folder and delete the entire Second Life folder. If you wish to save existing chat files you've had with other avatars, move the Roaming > [avatar name] folder elsewhere on your computer and drag any chat text files you wish to retain into the new Roaming > [avatar name] folder once Second Life is reinstalled and you've logged in at least once. Ignore if you don't want to save any.

4) Restart your computer.

Now download a fresh copy of Second Life and install it.


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