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Hellespont Hoorenbeek

Helion Island Plot #2 4096 sq.m. For Sale (L$1575,- Weekly)

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Helion Island Plot #2 4096 sq.m. For Sale ( L$1575,- Weekly)                                    THE HELLESPONT ESTATES

The Hellespont Estates focuses on offering a wide range of rental properties to our customers. We provide good looking parcels with fair tier prices and are one of the friendliest communities to live in. Residential & Commercial islands from 2048 m² up to 16384 m² for sale. The Hellespont Estates strive to provide a safe yet pleasant environment that you would be happy to call your own. Our management team also offers professional service and support 24/7 "or nearly so" a week in Dutch, English and German.

Parcels for sale 4096 m² with [937 prims] current setup no bonus prims included, Price L$1575,- (Inc.1 week tier, Land for free), Tier at L$1575,- Weekly. Parcels are for sale or rent breedable breedables are welcome. For more information about parcel support or sales please read the Helion Island covenant or contact Estate Management by sending a notecard.

To teleport directly use the following SLurl: Home!

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