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Hardwork got me 30 views. Funny banter got me 185.

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Tamara Artis wrote:

iCade wrote:

What I would  like to see would be a forum section where each creator can post about their new products. This way people can
to look without having to be prompted to do so.

IMO forums are for people who want to communicate. It would be good if creator could start a thread saying something like "Check out my new item and say what you think of it" but most likely people would use it, not for reading and commenting, but only for having one more place where their product infos would be displayed. Something like a website version of "show in search" option lol

Wait, and telling potential customers about new products isn't communicating?

I am not even solely seeing this from a creator standpoint, on IMVU I was all over that forum section because it enabled me to find many amazing creators whom I would have not searched for to begin with. Say, I never thought of a certain type of dress style and I open someones thread in curiousity and then wow, that is my style and not only that creator but others receive sales.

With the sheer amount of creators it's impossible to not be overlooked by so many people even more so as a new creator, it would also beat having a subscriber kiosk and group slot for update notices. But I would encourage discussion in those threads, that's what I enjoyed the most on IMVU, you got to directly talk to the creator, throw out ideas, request a specific color, make friends along the way. It was part of the fun and it was much more personal than simply seeing a classified ad or an MP listing y'know?


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