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I'm writing u in reference to a possible position in world as a police officer.  I saw the ad in the sl forum on line.  I'm in search of a job and would be willing to role play as a Police Officers.  Gain some In world experience and learn to walk the walk.  I'm interested serving in anti-griefing security helping new and experienced players.  Not so much enforcing the law because I am fully aware that's not an option.  Only Lindens have the power to enforce TOS and Community Guidelines in world.   I know that the sl rules are enforced by Linden and private property owners on their land.  A private owned club or mall, or large store is also of interested as a uniformed Officer.  I will be open to receive even the smallest amount of L$.  Mostly I just want to keep it fun, be of assistance and not so much about money.

Please reply asap any held or information you have regarding this issue would be appreciated.

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