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Needed! 5 Samurai to expand our Samurai Army

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"The House of the Samurai" is looking for 5 people interested in joining our clan and helping expand our Zombies vs. Samurai RPG. This rpg space is one of many in a network of rpgs built like this one and  the end our goal is to move the whole network onto a single sim.

Right now however we need renters.

When the time is right were moving all residents over to a sim that is fully samurai themed. Im talking huge fields to battle in, castles, dojos, tea shops, ancient japanese bars.

This RPG pits Samuri against Zombies in a training ground complete with archery targets, a dojo, training dummies and rentable homes that double as sniping spots for the more agile samurai.


Samuri on Rooftop_001.png

In this picture the samurai is wielding an AK 47 but any weapons are allowed in the battle against the Zombies. Most people who are more serious about the RP aspect of the game prefer arrows and katanas.


Samuri on Rooftop_002.png

Heres the same samurai again now in the dojo

Samuri on Rooftop_005.png

Targets to practice accuracy with the bow and arrow



On patrol for zombies. :)


SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moork/107/203/80

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