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Hello Everyone.

I would like to start off by saying sl is becoming kind of, well.. boring for me.

I do roleplay as a mother, wife, sister & grand mother as well, but when my family isn't online, I kind of get bored.

I do have a best friend by the name of Nisha. Her and I spend lots of time together, and we have been really thinking

about a few things lately. We thought it would be cool if we came up with a group here in sl. A group that anyone that

was willing could join. A group that had lots of people with lots of diff interest, but yet they share lots of the same at the same time. 

We thought by creating this group, we would always have something to do, and friends to spend tiime with, and find fun

activities to do together., but we are still very unsure how to even begin. First we need more friends who are interested.

We could throw events, go to movies together, shop together, sit in on live concerts or kareoke nights, sit around at 

coffee shops or cafe's, go on vacations together, beach, even go get dinner and desert... or even if you have kids, our kids could have play dates together.. etc.

I have LOTS of ideas, but i know it would be lots more fun if we have a few more people to do it with.

If you are interested, please, feel free to contact me here or in world at any time. 

I am willing to make friends with everyone lol. i welcome you all. Humans, Furries, Vamps, Fae's... etc. 

I am extremely open minded about this whole process. 

I just want to have fun and make friends along the way.

I look forward to hearing from you :)

Please, if you have read this, you might as well look me up and send me an IM lol.


- Bomb ♥

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I'd be up for that definitely it sounds fun and I often wish I had more people to hang with in those quiet moments...would especially love a group of friends that I could do stuff with and enjoy all the best SL has to offer, as to me, that's the most fun part of being inworld, sharing time with others and doing fun stuf:)

IM me inworlds NishaDoll Resident....

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I'd be interested in a group like that. I'm new to  SL and I want to meet some people.  Just IM me when you are on. Thanks.


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