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Deploys for the week of 2012-10-29

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Happy Halloween!!

We have a small change for the releases this week. The main channel will be rolled on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Then the RC channels will be rolled on Thursday instead of Wednesday. We have had some issues with our backend systems that is putting us behind schedule. 

Second Life Server (main channel)

We are promoting the code from BlueSteel/Magnum to the main channel this week. This is a maint-server project. There are no simulator changes. It's all back-end infrastructure work. 

2012-10-31, 5:00am: Release Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/12


Second Life RC BlueSteel

This channel will be updated with the code that is on LeTigre. Details below.

2012-11-01, 7-11:00am: Release Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_BlueSteel/12


Second Life RC LeTigre

This channel has updates to Havok among other things including bug fixes. 


  • Features and Changes
    • Updated the Havok physics engine to version 2012.1
    • Enables Havok's "Collision Geometry Optimizer" for the terrain, which simplifies the physics shape of the terrain for improved performance.
      • This can be disabled by region owners and estate managers with the Region Debug Console command "set optimize_terrain false".
    • Includes a new LSL function to access simulator statistics, llGetSimStats.
      • Usage: float llGetSimStats(integer stat_type)
      • Currently, this function accepts only SIM_STAT_PCT_CHARS_STEPPED as its parameter, which returns the % of pathfinding characters skipped each frame, averaged over the last minute. The returned value corresponds to the "Characters Updated" stat in the viewer's Statistics Bar.
    • Includes a new option for llCreateCharacterCHARACTER_ACCOUNT_FOR_SKIPPED_FRAMES. Default is true to match pre-existing behavior. If set to false, character will not attempt to catch up on lost time when pathfinding performance is low, potentially providing more reliable movement (albeit while potentially appearing to be more stuttery).
    • Changes to pathfinding character throttling, so that characters may be permitted to exceed the previous 50µs limit per frame if there is sufficient spare time available.
    • Added a new parameter to llGetObjectDetailsOBJECT_PATHFINDING_TYPE, which returns the pathfinding setting of any object in the region. It returns an integer matching one of the following new constants:
      • More details about pathfinding types can be found here
    • Other internal system changes
  • Known Issues
  • This version changed default HTTP headers sent by llHTTPRequest
    • Previous server versions sent a "Pragma: no-cache" header; this version does not.
    • Legacy llHTTPRequest() behavior can be restored via the HTTP_CUSTOM_HEADER option, e.g. llHTTPRequest(url, [HTTP_CUSTOM_HEADER, "Pragma", "no-cache"], "");
  • Mesh objects (such as vehicles) cannot physically cross from a region running Havok 2012.1 into a region running an older version of Havok, due to the upgrade to a newer version of the Havok physics engine. Currently (2012-10-17), RC LeTigre is the only channel with the latest Havok upgrade.

2012-11-01, 7-11:00am: Release Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_LeTigre/12


Second Life RC Magnum

This will have the changes that were on Snack. This contains the fix for large groups if you use the project viewer linked below.

  • New features
  • Bug Fixes
    • llSensor() issue fixed
    • Fixed an issue with group info loading
    • Linkability distance rules are broken
    • Group won't load - too many members. This provides a new capability to viewers to fetch member lists for large groups.
    • Converted over 50 hard-coded messages on the server to a localizable data format that can be properly displayed in the correct language in the viewer. A future viewer release will contain the messages and tags for translation.
    • Thanks to a newly added capability the simulator can now report information about script permissions granted to objects within a region. A future viewer update will use this.
    • Restored functionality of the Estate Tools, Debug, Disable collisions feature. Invoking this feature will put the affected region into a state with very limited physics. This is useful when trying to untangle performance issues or clear unwanted objects.

2012-11-01, 7-11:00am: Release Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_Magnum/12


Second Life RC Snack

Snack will be closing this week. The changes will be on the Magnum RC channel.

Release Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_Snack/12


We will be monitoring this thread during the next week so please feel free to post issues that you feel have been introduced by the new code. Please file a JIRA for issues you find and post the JIRA link into this thread. It really helps us out. When determining if issues are relevant or not research is key. Tracking down exactly the right situation where an issue is occurring greatly speeds up the development process to get fixes in place.

I appreciate your help. Have a good week!




p.s. If you are interested in helping test SecondLife in beta please join the group "Second Life Beta" in-world. We also have an email list where we communicate upcoming projects and how you can help. (https://lists.secondlife.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/server-beta ) Once a week we meet on ADITI to discuss new features, new bugs, new fixes, and other fun stuff. You are more than welcome. Information is here:https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Server_Beta_User_Group


This is not a forum thread for off-topic and unproductive ranting. I will no longer tolerate it. This forum thread is to discuss newly found issues in the Release Candidate channels. If you feel the need to have your opinions heard on topics unrelated to new bugs then please start your own thread. If an individual continues to post unproductive and off-topic comments I will take measures to remedy that.

If you are unsure about your posting please read this : "Linden Lab Official:Community Participation Guidelines"

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Oskar I am getting the same information on the update version and that is the code you installed last week.  Would you please explain what is going on and when we will get the new code and if the restart was aborted or rolled back due to problems.  This is at this point most confusing and hardly what we need to raise our confidence in LL or its reliability.  Indeed, I would go so far as to venture Zerango was not restarted at all, since allocated memory due to a long term leak caused by a restart a few weeks ago, is about double what it normally should be, and if we had had a restart it would be in the low 60s, so I ask again with is going on and when will be be getting the restart we were designated to get today.

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All of my regions currently show after the roll as well....with the lastest release notes for the Second Life Servers showing as :

  • Scheduled 2012-10-30
  • Contains low-level changes for general stability improvement.

This probably had to do with the delay this week? Just hoping that the 'low-level changes for general stability improvement' were part of the 265813?  lol   Thanks for all you do, Oskar

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Oskar can you clear this question up? It certainly seems a valid one and seems to have impacted a lot of people and sims.  Also if there was a restart please explain why the allocated memory for the server in Zerango is growing by leaps and bounds and what if anything are your plans to deal with this mess.  The last time this happened the server had a series of serious crashes by the weekend and Elijah Linden restarted it and did something that seemed to plug the leak until the next restart reopened it and it has continued to be a problem every since.

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Oskar, from a closer examination of the sim I am satisfied a restart did occur today, but was it accompanied by a rollback, and what is the meaning of the new code numbers which seem to indicate a rollback to last week.  Most important of all, given there was a restart and allocated memory should have reset to a normal 61mbs, why after about 12 hours has it climbed to 136 mbs and apparently is still climbing.  As I reported previously the last time this happened it continued to climb to about 224 mbs then underwent a series or crashes which finally resulted in Elijah Linden intervening and fixing this mess.  Unfortunately his fix was not incorperated into the next restart and the leak returned and now appears worse than ever.

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I confirm.  All the Main Server sims I've been on today appear to be running, which is two-week old code from BlueSteel RC.  This must be some sort of error, but it is consistent across Main Server.



What gives?

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OK Oskar; Main Server issues apart there is a problem on LeTigre RC.


We are getting huge spikes of Sim Physics plummeting to 0.1FPS.  They are coming every few minutes and they last a couple of seconds.

The sim I'm observing this on is sim 8910 Woods of Heaven.  We were rolled today at about 5pm GMT.

ETA: After about 30 mins of these spikes they magically ceased and we had no more all UK evening.  I wonder what was being "Banged on"?:smileytongue:

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Eep! There's still something very fishy about sensors in the Magnum RC, specific to LSL-compiled scripts that rez in those sims, but stay affected in sims running other software versions. I saw this last week, too, when there was all the fuss about breedables using sensors in some undocumented way which I never understood. I have to say, what I'm seeing makes absolutely no sense to me yet; I'll try to narrow it down and report something more coherent than "very fishy", but in the meantime, I'm wondering if it could be that the code from Snack, now on Magnum, includes a regression of the previous sensor bug.

EDIT: No, it's stranger than that. I now don't think it's actually sensor-related at all, but it is definitely what I saw last week (that apparently only incidentally included a sensor), so there's a regression here somewhere. I'll keep trying to find a simple repro, but I don't want anybody chasing a sensor ghost when I'm pretty sure what I'm seeing is nothing to do with that.

EDIT 2: Okay, it's to do with using the += operator to append to a list a singleton key cast from a string. Try the following code compiled in LSL vs Mono, on a Magnum sim vs the other RCs and main server release. The LSL-on-Magnum condition only will show "BAD:" with no contents.

default{    state_entry()    {        string myKeyString = "72435d55-873c-4617-b6ea-9a707d1f6800";        string uglyIntString = "1234567890";        list goodlist;        list badlist;        list notbadlist;        list uglylist;        goodlist += [(key)myKeyString]; // += append of list to list        badlist += (key)myKeyString;    // += append of singleton cast to key        notbadlist += llGetOwner();     // += append of singleton key without a cast        uglylist += (integer)uglyIntString; // += append of singleton cast to integer        llOwnerSay            ("\nGOOD:"+(string)goodlist            +"\nBAD:"+(string)badlist            +"\nNOTBAD:"+(string)notbadlist            +"\nUGLY:"+(string)uglylist            );    }}

I almost always use the "simplified syntax" for append, documented as Method 6 for adding to a list in the List wiki page, so it may bite me more than other scripters.

I'll probably make this a jira later today, unless somebody thinks this belongs in some other jira entry, given that it does appear to be a regression to some aspect of the previous Magnum.

EDIT 3: Problem also occurs with "Method 5", a la:         badlist = [] + (key)myKeyString;

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Hi Oskar

I've had reports from renters that RLV no longer works on the Mystic Meadows sim(magnum). I had them test on my sim and confirmed RLV doesn't work on my magnum sim either. However the objects work fine on the Main. I have no idea how RLV functions so I can't fill an accurate JIRA on the issue but wanted LL to be aware of the problem.


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I'm trying your script, but I'm not seeing the issue you mention.


[10:09] Object:


[10:10] Object:

EDIT: Ah I missed the part about it has to be LSO, not MONO.   When compiled to LSO, I see it:


[10:13] Object:


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