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Female escorts wanted.

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What are you offering in return for your slice of the Lindens?

Do you have a sim that offers privacy?

What benefits would the prospective female enjoy by joining your group?

What is your policy on verification?

What is different about your offering?

How is it better than the abundant free sex sims that are already operating in SL?

If and when a female answers yes to your post, how do you plan to proceed from there?

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reminded me of modeling agencies that  "teach how to be a model" and take rather big amounts for the lessons , they also do not offer any job after teaching and if you stay with the agency  then you will get only % of the whole deal with their client even if the client not from the agency but you found him/her yourself... lolzzz

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Yeah, don't fall for this crap, come over to my agency we will help you free of charge!



Elysian Fields Agency - offering the finest escorts in SL


Elysian Fields.jpeg

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