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Is it frowned upon to use a real picture in your Second Life profile, or is it just really rare?

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Ceera Murakami wrote:


A substantial portion, quite possibly the majority, of the more established, long-term users in SL see the virtual world as a place to be something quite different than their real life self. They might play as the gender opposite to their real one, or dabble in graphicly adult sexual situations that intrigue them but that they wouldn't dream of doing in real life. Or the account may represent an entirely fictional character that has nothing at all in common with their real life self. For those people, they are not likely to want to post theior own real world info at all, and many of them would prefer not to know a think about your real world info.


Most of the long-term residents I've met are pretty much themselves, but the people I know aren't role-players.

My in-world behavior is very close to my RL behavior and my avatar looks similar to me, but I don't put any RL information in my profile because I want control over what RL information I give out. I don't see a benefit to giving that information to anyone who happens to look at my profile, but I do see potential pitfalls. Besides, why scare people with a RL picture?



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Amethyst Jetaime wrote:

Phil Deakins wrote:

Leia36 wrote:

When I started SL I had my RL pic up in my profile under "1st life".
I was advised to drop it by one of my mentors
and share my RL pic with those close to me and not make it open to everyone, which makes sense to me. To others, they might have their own reasons to post their RL pic, its a completely personal choice.

That was bad advice. Why would anyone advise anyone to not have their RL pic there?

If you are a female in RL and put your pic there, you are going to be hit on a lot more and get more IM's you may find offensive or ,may be sexualy harrassed or stalked.  This may happen to men too for all I know, but I do know it happens to women.

If you are unattactive or disabled in some way you may find yourself an object of ridicule or the butt of jokes.. 

Childish? yes  Does it happen? yes


Yep, this does happen too. I never put up any irl info of myself much either.

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