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Network traffic causing sim death

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Over the past 2 weeks my full sim ..  normally functioning smoothly for 20-30 avatars at regular events...  has required several extra reboots ( sometimes per day) to remedy some unknown problems.

The symptoms of the problem are that the sim time dialation goes from 95-100  to 2-5  for a brief period as NET time goes off the charts.  While this would not normally be a major concern, this event seems to be the begining of a cycle that soon degrades sim performance to the point it becomes impossible to reboot without submitting a support ticket.

This occurs with 1 or 2 avatars on sim and NO ONE entering or leaving.

Usually, within minutes of the original spike,,  it will begin to repeat...   and each time the period of dergraded performance increases.   With 10-15 minutes...  I am seeing 10-15 seconds of time when scripts run/avatars can move, and 30-90 seconds where the sim is "toast"...     Eventually , the periods of 0-5% time dilation just continue and the sim must be rebooted to be used.

As this sequence has repeated itself over and over,  I have had tme to use the estate diagnostic tools on the sim during its ride over the cliff...

Top scripts reports NOTHING out of the ordinary...The same scripted objects are in place from BEFORE these events started.  Top scripts report 8ms of script time for 900 active scripts, even when measured across 2 spikes.

Physics collisions are not a factor...  we have a single pinball machine on sim and Pathfinding is OFF.

In the Advanaced>performance tools> Statistics window  there are a number of oddities...

the most regular /consistant event is that net time goes HUGE...changing from a stable  .15-.30 ms to numbers that go as high as 1040ms.  This number usually starts smaller.  in the 30-50ms range   (NOT .3-.5, but  30-50), and then gets progressively larger.     Once that event happens,  the scripts run % goes from 97-99 down to the 20-30% range, and sometimes i see a large spike in physics activity.   (( ????  no avatars entering/leaving...no changes to sim...no one operating the physics objects))). 

Eventually the network time spike number starts to get larger...  200-300 ms  and the script run % goes below 10% 

This will usually be the prelude to  HUGE script time and Physiscs times as the sim degrades into uselessness.

Ive reported this info each of the times ive had to request a sim restart, but Im not getting any responses  , nor has the situation changed.   Im in my 3rd reboot of the day,  I've only been online for 2 hours.  and this is getting old.   Since i cant look to see if this is already JIRA'd  i thought id  share it here..




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That is a scenario that I am thankful has not happened on our LeTigre homestead, so far.  We rarely have more than 4 avatars on the sim at any one time, and we have masses of free time for the simulator, since we watch our script-levels carefully.  Your script time is on the high side for 900 scripts, but other than that I see no issues.

None of the events that you mention have occurred, so I don't know...our sim is a private island, is your Mainland perhaps, I believe those servers are of an older type (though whether that would matter I don't know).

I DID notice that after last week's roll our physics time doubled, but it seems to have subsequently decreased and now is not much more than 20-30% up.

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I'm not sure it's the same underlying problem, but there's a current thread discussing sim performance troubles that seem similarly network related. If you're not familiar with that thread, you may want to start reading with this post where some network statistics appear.

One possible difference is that, sometime after the Network time blows up, you're seeing Script and Physics times escalate, too. I'm not sure that's a real difference, so much as a different data collection practice:  Maybe you're patient enough to see those later numbers before restarting the sim.

You likely can't see it, but Toysoldier Thor created BUG-355 related to that other thread, back on 8 October, and it was quickly imported as MAINT-1682. It's been raised at subsequent Server User Group meetings, but I don't think there have been any status updates.

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Posting links to newly created Jiras is pretty useless, as due to the latest changes in LL's Jira, only the person who started it can access it, other 'average' citizens don't even have the permission to read Jiras anymore

Thanks LL for more intransparency, disguised as streamlining and speed improvement.




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3092 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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