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Crystal Luxury Liners is part of a project inspired by Wildspiritwhispers Wonder and has been under construction for the past 9 months.

Our aim is to bring a bit of spice into Second Life and provide the best quality and enjoyment for all the Second Life users.

So, Are you needing a well deserved vacation with your loved one, with a friend or perhaps as a group???


Crystal Luxury Liners are holding 2 upcoming 3 day cruises for half the price.

The first of our 1/2 price cruise will begin from Friday 19th October 2012 @ 11Am SLT till Monday 22nd October 2012, 8 Am SLT

The second of our 1/2 price cruise will begin from Friday 26th October 2012 @11Am SLT till Monday 29th October 2012, 8 Am SLT.

On board our HWS Crystal Rose, you will have a choice out of 4 styles of rooms from the Balcony Guest Rooms which allows 1 or 2 guests, Suite Guest room which also allows for 1 or 2 guest, Grand Suite which allows up to 4 guests per room and lastly our Majestic/Empress Suite which also allows up to 4 guests per room.

Also on board, there are a variety of things to do including Boardwalk shopping, Pool with diving board and slide, Paintball course, Full Course Restaurant, Go Karting, Casino, Entertainment, Movie Theatre, Large Sex Area in the Hull plus many more activities all inclusive.

Through out your journey across the picturesque Ocean, we will be stopping for a break at 2 different Ports of Call each of which features have their own Beautiful attractions, many also included in your fare.

The first Port is Paradise Mountain Island - This beautiful oasis in the middle of the vast ocean includes caves with hidden passages, several levels, and waterfalls; a tour train that will give you a relaxing and air conditioned ride overlooking the entire port; a butterfly tour that will swoop you up, down and over this island's many attractions; jetskis and canoes. These are just the highlights of Paradise Mountain. Many attractions with surprises and hundreds of animations await you.

The Second Port is Amusement Park Island - Our amusement park port will give you thrills of coaster and log flume rides, or a walk through our VERY scary, three-story tall haunted house; the wondrous views of the entire island from a 100 meter high observation wheel; the relaxation of taking a hot air balloon ride which will show you a bird's eye view; and laughter as you plow into your friends on the bumper cars, or shoot them with torpedoes on the submarine ride. These, again, are just the highlights of the fun you will have at Amusement Park Island.

So, If you are interested and would like to take this  opportunity to go on a beautiful cruise on Second Life, why not pop over to our CRYSTAL LUXURY LINERS BOOKING OFFICE, Ciraco (12, 236, 129), for more information, details and pricing http://world.secondlife.com/place/b19c607c-adbb-6575-fcbe-62aca0bda02c

Alternatively, you can email us at crystalluxuryliners@hotmail.com for any further queries you may have regarding cruising with Crystal Luxury Liners.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3290 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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