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David Bloom

BloomsVille Isles 1/4 Full Sim Parcels 4995Ls weekly tier/3750 prims

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Since 2008 Bloom Rental Estates has served 100s of SL Residents by providing high quality skybox and home rentals in a community setting. Today we opened our latest community project - a small private estate community that has a touch of the Scottish highlands. Beautiful views of the ocean mixed with breathtaking mountains and rivers. 

Our Grand Opening this week includes a number of beautifully textured and terraformed 1/4 Full Sim parcels to ensure total privacy and a memorial SL experience. Personalised and personable service and support without the gimmicks or razzle dazzle. SecondLife is more than a rent box - its about people!

Also we have some 1/4 Homestead parcels available as well.

To celebrate BloomsVille Isles opening we are offering a free weeks tier to new Bloomsville residents who pay 4 weeks tier.


Contact David Bloom inworld via notecard message, web profile private mail or use our Enquiry form at Bloom Estates Support Site

Visit our Main Office and Winery to use our Land Vendor to take you on a short trip to the sights and sounds of 'Brigadoon'  Teleport: Bloom Estates Premium Rentals Office

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