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Machinima and Copyright

Monti Messmer
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Hi, without starting a discussion about all that law crap just wanted to put a comment to all makers.

Guess you don´t own the rights to use the music or logos or whatever not everyone can enjoy your work because some countries block that content on YouT and other platforms.

Don´t forget poor Lady G and her companions loose some bucks :matte-motes-dead:

Did i say this sucks ? well it does ...


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The basic problem in Germany is that the GEMA wants YouT to pay more for showing videos with cobyright music in them. But YouT, as belonging to a profitorientated company, sure doesn't want to pay more.....

Only way to work around the problem is to some proxy as long as there is no solution with the cobyright. :matte-motes-bored:

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