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Payment reversed and taken from account by lab

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Medhue Simoni wrote:

JeanneAnne wrote:

Darrius Gothly wrote: ...that will ultimately advance all of the human race to the top of the survival peak.

theres 7.2 billion ppl on a biosphere that could sustainably support ~.2 billion sans fossil fuel inputs .. & you want to >>..advance all of the human race to the top of the survival peak<< ?!?! you know what happens to populations that exceed the carrying capacity of their environment dont you ?? they collapse .. & the more they exceed K the harder they collapse & the more they diminish K for any survivors



There is no doubt that many collapses are coming. The reasons have nothing at all to do with peak oil or other such mainstream media BS. Governments and oppression are the reasons. If you actually do real research, you will quickly find out that all of the waste and abusive of resources is directly caused by government intervention. This is not a political ideology or opinion, it's a fact. Even the notion of overpopulation is total BS that the media likes to scare people with, despite every major economic country declining in population massively.

If the people of the world did not have governments using their various tools to control everything, we'd have innovation on a unprecidented scale. Heck, just eliminating all taxation of income would create such a boom that gas would instantly become a none issue in everyone's lives. Plus, we'd have peace around the world with little to no actual conflicts, as the evil people of the world would no longer have the resources to wage war. All government policies are about controlling the markets and their people. Not 1 policy has anything at all to do with helping people, only enslaving them. From patents, to gas taxes, it is all about control and oppression.

SL alone should show the world that totally free markets can save humanity. Will there be theft, or crime? Of course, but actually less than we have now, and no 1 entity would be able to act without consequences. In a totally free market, everything is voluntary and without coersion. Government is, by it's very definition, force, as none of their policies can be enforced without the threat of violence. When the world wakes up from this nightmare, they will hopefully see that we have no use for national governments anymore.

 You should seriously read up on eugenics, because you are spouting their ideology, which are embedded in every part of our current paradyme. Most of what you will learn in school, comes directly from eugenic, just masked with fake science. It's all propaganda with no actual scientific evidence. When you research things, if you even do, you don't take highly paid government employees word for it. What you should do is actually analyze the studies and research that they cite. Once you do that, and understand a little about the scientific method, you will see quite clearly that it is all total and complete BS.


what would i ever do w/out a GUY to 'splain stuff to ltl ole me ?!?



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Final Update (from me anyway)

I can hardly believe we ended up with a discussion about the sustainability of the planet, but, hey it's a good thing. People in Second Life think and can express themselves. Not to denigrate any other "game", but, I sure like that fact about Second Life.

As for my original issue, the Lab has decided not to respond any further...no answer to the follow-up questions. For those of us familiar with the wiki and abuse reports in general that shouldn't come as a surprise.

I've dismounted, hung up my sword and shield and settled back for a long Winter of enjoying the good things about Second Life. Thank you all for participating, you have been a help. 

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LL sent this email

subject: Second Life: Account On Hold For Transaction Verification

Dear Daark,

We regret to inform you that the party, mariadragomiroiu ,who recently sent you L$28,000 may have used an unauthorized source to make the purchase from Linden Lab. As a result of this fraudulent activity, and per the Second Life Terms of Service, the L$ purchased by this account are voided.

Linden Lab

I see this has happened to others.. Im quite upset over losing the L$28K but ...

I WANT MY PROPERTY BACK, Its worth over $100 US dollars and now its STOLEN PROPERTY.

Apparently that's why they used fraudulent means of getting the L's to buy it. 

I have the transaction info and the Item UUID. 

This person IS A THIEF period! 

I filed an abuse report, but because LL has put their account on hold I am not able to select their name for the report, as it is "Not Found". so in order to send the report I selected "Linden Lab' as the name just so it would go through.

I am waiting for a response. (Although being patient is somewhat stifled as I read the other posts on this subject).

I know the money is not mine to keep. (and now I have $L -7,689 due to spending some of what I thought was mine to spend)




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2931 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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