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Hippy gear

LosAngelesGraff Resident
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LosAngelesGraff wrote:

Im looking to make my avitar kinda a hippy type guy. Im also wondering is it posible to find or make a shirt with the grateful dead steal your face logo?

Also looking for pants with hippy patchs on them.

i have lotsuv hippie stuff .. jeans w/ patches .. headbands .. joints & brownies & hitsuv acid that turn your screen all trippy .. my sister makes tee shirts w/ band logos .. i dont think she has a GD shirt but she has like the stones tongue & pink floyd pig &  i think led zep shirts .. you can find lotsuv hippie clothing & paraphernalia & lotsuv it is free .. i think theres so much hippie stuff in SL cuz lotsuv the residents are old hippies



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O wow thanks guys i found the dead shirt and a hippy van. Now i just need to find that van for copy hehe.

the dead shirt i like is tucked in. It says i can mod it. Does that mean i can untuck it? It also says copy does that mean i can copy it from some one?

Here is the shirt


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