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This forum over SLU

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Pamela Galli wrote:

Yep too bad she does not come over to the Dark Side :-)

omg where is that place? i'm an explorer hehehe

there is no side i won't.......well i better not leap too far..there are some sides of things i won't explore hehehe.

but Dark ones usually bring on the butterflies..and i love getting the butterflies!! \o/

where is it?



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This forum is better in many ways.... most that answer a person's question do it to be helpful. Of course there are some people on this forum (as any forum on the internet) that "feel" they rank in social status which is sad because it speaks of what's missing in their rl...that's my opinon of course...and i am only referring to a handful of people.

SLU may be an older sl forum and the people that "family up" there are oldbies with the attitude of we have contributed so long etc, The OP doesn't like an answer that he / she doesn't want to hear, among many other excuses for the behavior. Even when a person who has belonged to SLU that is kind.... and comes in hand with common sense.... tells of a solution with no tone in their text.... many of the members have to do the excat opposite and create drama, of course which is denied.... at the OP's expense and justify it. I am sure this situation makes no sense to anyone.... as I would not want to bring any attention to the OP's issue..... but i am sure you get the general idea, Smart person says, it's ok, if everyone stops it will be fine, other posters continue and not stop to worsen the OP's situation. I won't read the thread as i posted in it because I know how these people that hold a forum to their chest as a possesion act, but I was told that the problem went on. That's sad.

I wish that people that have been members of Second Life..... would not assume that all avatars that have the name Resident have not been here before and it's surely not our first time around. We recall and remember the same people who have treated posters like this for years. My sl rez date on this av shows i am a newbie...... but in fact i am not.... I may regret that I closed my account that had a last name...but rl situations made me go in that direction. I wish people would consider that when someone posts..not all emotion shows in text, unless it's outright obvious as some posts are. It would be nice if there was more tolerance..on sl..and people would not smart off to a new poster, try and understand their situation and given that they actually posted on any of these forums after reading how others are responded to...I think it's brave of them to do. DON'T GET ME WRONG before some of you start attacking rather than debating what I said, there are many people who are helpful here and respect the OP. This forum is BY FAR better for help and knowledge even with mods (yeah won't go there) Many people that are not oldbies have also contributed to sl and where it is today, create, buy and design sims for all to enjoy. That being said.....your sl rez date has nothing to do with keeping sl alive.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3281 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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