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Almadi Masala

Security orb users: PLEASE mark your boundaries!

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Pussycat Catnap wrote:

Warning with no actual ejection also occur at sim boundaries if an orb is set to 'parcel wide' but the border to the sim is closer than 96m from the orb. It will spam people on the other side of the sim border - thinking they're in its parcel, but it will lack land powers over there to eject them with.

No idea if where you were had such a border nearby though. But this is a common error.


Security devices don't do that if they are scripted to account for it. The one that I made and sell did that at first. It shouldn't have done it at all but it did. I asked about the problem in the scripting forum and was given a workaround for it. So my security device doesn't do it, and none need do it.

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