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The Place - Dance and Sex Club is open

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The Place
The Place to Be - The Place to Be Seen

*The Place Dance & Sex Club* is designed to be a friendly meeting place for freelance she-male, female and furry dancers and escorts with their potential patrons as well as among their selves in a relaxed and classy ambiance, furnished with all that is needed to make the experience enjoyable, funny and rewarding.

Though mainly addressed to she-male SL avis as dancers and escorts, it also welcomes warmly females and furries and male guests wanting to explore other territories outside the classical boy/girl relationship. Additionally the "lifestyle", BDSM, also has its place in the Club that provides ample facilities in its Castle to exercise sophisticated role playing and Dom/sub ties.
Finally it must be highlighted that the Club pays utmost attention to good music as a way to create the appropriate atmosphere and ambiance for enjoyment, dance or relaxing. Therefore we shall try to keep a high level of quality in that area.
The Club has available 4 different areas:
- The Club Main Dance Floor : the most public part of the Club where the dance poles are located, the DJ booth and dance floor. Its the main area and the heart of the Club.

- The Club House : besides the Main Dance Floor, it becomes a place more relaxed and intimate, with games and more private dance poles, a pool bar, sauna and a small disco on the ground floor while in the upper area, there are 3 private bedrooms for those guests that want more intimacy and comfort in their relations, with awesome views over the sea and the beach. The House is isolated from chat and even view from the Main Dance Floor allowing, therefore, more freedom and privacy.
- The Sky boxes ( under construction) : shall be thematic scenarios to allow additional role playing and enjoyment.
- The Castle : a huge medieval castle completes the offering. Located in another Sim, built over a mountain and surrounded by cliffs over the sea offers a BDSM library and massage room and an orgy pit for up to ten participants in the main floor while the dungeon and a hidden huge bedroom below allows to explore in depth the "lifestyle".

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