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Cycling Animations the right way?

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I want to cycle a sitting animation.  I have 3 animations I want to cycle and they are all different times.  Can this be done?  I'm hoping it can at least be done with proper scripting right?


Animation 1:  Priority 4.  Looped 2.87 seconds  .3s In   .3s Out

Animation 2:  Priority 4.  Looped 6 seconds   .3s In    .3s Out

Animation 3:  Priority 4.  Looped 12 seconds  .3s In  .3s Out


Does this look right?  I'm also looking for the best AO template to load them into.

(Edit:  I've also tried just using the animations in the default AO and set the cycling to 12s.  I'm assuming due to the ease in/out, it's making my avatar jump between each animation. Because instead of easing into the next animation, it keeps easing in and out of the default sit animation for the .6 seconds, and then it cycles properly to the next animation.  How do I make it ease into my custom animation as opposed to the default sit animation that isn't even a part of the cycle?)

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I'm a scripter, not an animator, but I do a lot of scripting for an animator.

What we would do, I think, in the circumstances you outline, is something like this:

  1. Start animation 1; stop default sit anim; llSetTimerEvent(2.87)
  2. Start animation 2, stop animation 1, llSetTimerEvent(6.0)
  3. Start animation 3, stop animation 2, llSetTimerEvent(12.0)

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