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Looking for location for my extra shop

madam Martian

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I am sitting here replying to different posts and thought I might aswell make my own thread insted..

For a few years I have had a clothing/skin shop called Lis'ten, I got the main shop on our own land, but our land is all Army SIM's, and I noticed that pilots dont like to wear dresses or lingeri (trust me I tried *giggless) So I have desidet to split my shop into two.. the main shop Lis'ten will stay on our land with mostly mens wear, furnitures, uniforms and custom items and then I plan to open Lis'ten Exclusive which will be all that pilots dont wear *grins... e.g. dresses, tuxes, gallawear, lingeri and skin ect.. So now I need a place for Lis'ten Exclusive....

But I have been looking for a long time, (over a year) cause I am pretty picky about where to put it, cause it do require that there is a high traffic on the sim, and that it is the 'right' type of traffic for my shop.. e.g. no pilots but rather ppl going to clubs or shopping.. *winks

Can I bring my own building or do i need to use one you provide? If I bring my own (which I perfer) I will need around 300-500 prims (just a guess)...  If I do not bring my own building I wont need more than 100 or max 200 prims as most can go in vendors.

It is no rush for me and I am in no hurry, I rather have so I get exately what I want, than to rush into something that I dont need. And uhmm... ermm...  I did mention that Im pretty picky about it? LOL

At the moment the items for the shop isnt ready, I got new models making new pictures for all items, and all is being updated and redone which takes a while. I did finish the building itself..

But if you got what I am looking for, then  I dont mind paying for it even before I am done and ready to put it out there..

I am very sick in rl so sometimes I am not online for a while, but I will always get on to pay rent or my partner will and I do get my im's offline aswell so I can always be contactet.. or to my email (I perfer this -->) honnygal@hotmail.com

So if you can provide what I need for a fair price, then you might get a longterm renter, as we are not the type that is gone next week... but that is ofcause given that it is exately what I am looking for and at a fair price *winks.. We have stayed with our landlady at the SIMs we got as our home, for about 4 years now and never missed a day of rent..

Att: I am not english, I do speek english rather allright, but sometimes I do need things spelled out before I understand it... *smiles

Basecly what I need to know is:

1. can I bring my own building?

2. How high is the traffic on the SIM

3. What will it cost me pr. prim a week

4. What activitys is there on the SIM to help bring traffic? (clubs/shops/homes ect..)

5. What types of shops/clubs will there be, and is it adult area? (I do sell skins that is displayed naked)

6. Is there any specific rules I need to know about?


Lis / Madam

PS: You can read more about me/us on our website, if you click the banner below..:catwink:


Edited: If I could only spell... LOL

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4305 days.

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