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Retail stores for rent at the New Moon Spirit Mall

moonde Magic

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New Mall Retail stores for rent available on the Gorgeous Moon Spirit Sim

New Moon Spirit Mall coming soon.......10 beautiful stores 2 gone already even before we advertised . If you are a Merchant already established and need an outlet store this is the place for you. We are looking for top quality merchants. We boast on the traffic we get here on the sim.
Home of Kind Hearted rentals and Land sales & Moon Spirit Rising Dance club.
Full Private region. Well maintained and managed with 4+ years of sl business experience under our belts.

For assistance please IM: EricRob01, moonde Magic, or Colleen Bracken

Best regards,
moonde Magic

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I am not much inworld these days, therefor i write here and hope you respond

(you are also very welcome to respond to my email honnygal@hotmail.com )..

For a few years I have had a clothing/skin shop called Lis'ten, I got the main shop on our own land, but our land is all Army SIM's, and I noticed that pilots dont like to wear dresses or lingeri (trust me I tried *giggless)
So I have desidet to split my shop into two.. the main shop Lis'ten will stay on our land with mostly be mens wear, furnitures, uniforms and custom items and then I plan to open Lis'ten Exclusive which will be mostly what pilots dont wear *grins... e.g. dresses, tuxes, gallawear, lingeri and skin ect..

But I have been looking for a long time, (over a year) cause I am pretty picky about where to put it, cause it do require that there is a high traffic on the sim, and that it is the 'right' type of traffic for my shop.. e.g. no pilots but rather ppl going to clubs or shopping.. *winks

The shop is still not all done yet, we are working on it at the moment,

Can I bring my own building or do i need to use one you provide? If I bring my own (which I perfer) I will need around 300-500 prims (just a guess)... If I do not bring my own building I wont need more than 100 or max 200 prims as most can go in vendors. It is no rush for me and I am in no hurry, I rather have so I get exately what I want, than to rush into something that I dont need. And uhmm... I did mention that Im pretty picky about it? LOL

At the moment the items for the shop isnt ready, I got new models making new pictures for all items, and all is being updated and redone which takes a while. But if this is what I am looking for, then  I dont mind paying for it even before I am done and ready to put it out there..

I am very sick in rl so sometimes I am not online for a while, but I will always get on to pay rent or my partner will and I do get my im's offline aswell so I can always be contactet..

The SIM's we got now, we been with our landlady for about 4 yrs, so we are not the types that comes for a week and is gone the next (ofcause... given it is exately what I look for) I am not english, I do speek english rather okay, but sometimes I need things spelled out before I get it *smiles....

Basecly what I need to know is:

1. can I bring my own building?

2. How high is the traffic on the SIM

3. What will it cost me pr. prim (or for 400-600 prims) a week

4. What activitys is there on the SIM to help bring traffic?

5. What types of shops/clubs will there be, and is it adult area? (I do sell skins that is displayed naked)

6. Is there any specific rules I need to know about? 


Lis / Madam

PS: You can read more about me/us on our website, if you click the banner below ;)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4303 days.

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