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Hunter Fischer

Get paid to Role Play

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WORK @ WILLOWDALE, See why Willowdale is #1
"Willowdale High, Willowdale Junior High and Grammar School".... The Next Generation in Youth Role Play. Explore our beautifully designed Campus and fully equipped Sports Complex. Development of Knowledge in a Contemporary Environment. Diverse Faculty, Students and Support Team.
WHS WJHS & WGS home of the Warriors, Warhorses and Guardians !
BACK TO SCHOOL ! Sign up at Second Lifes #1 School District

Who are we?
A school roleplay community whose aim is to provide a caring and fun environment in which every child and teen avatar is respected and is given the opportunity to develop character, attitudes, and values; to acquire skills necessary for contemporary society; to adapt to change and remain open to progressive techniques. The curriculum is designed to serve the educational, physical, social, and emotional needs of every child and teen avatar, to create a positive and friendly atmosphere and to provide superior academic education so that each child will become a productive member of second life.

Positions available
*Substitute Teachers
*Scripting LSL
*Equestrian coach
*Baseball coach
*Football coach
*Driver's Ed
*Sex Ed
*Creative Writing
*Culinary Arts
*Marching Band
*Basketball Coach

We are open to any new ideas, if you have a talent and would love to teach it to others you may still contact me.
Contact Hunter Fischer or come by our school and fill out an application.

willowdale_0011 copy.jpg

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