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Avi Art as profile pic :) i'd love some input

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Hello everyone :)

About three weeks ago i started doing pile ups in flickr as practice

I love doing my own thing with a picture.

I allso work in a studio where i do my regular photomanipulations with requests , wich i really like :)


but... I'd love to start an art studio, where you can get a picture done of your avatar but leaving the artist upto it ..

So it would be more of an artwork with your avatar, then a regular profile shot.

Im not sure if people would like it or be interested or how much they would be willing to pay since i dont know a lot of rates in photostudios and since this is not really a photostudio thing.. hmn im not sure what to do.. go for it , or not?
or would you be interested in a unique photo if you had the chance?

going to post some of what i did so far, would be nice to get some input on this :) thank you


and my flickr for more stuff : http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaimyhancroft/sets/72157631287659502/






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mew mew ma mew, boo :matte-motes-asleep-2:


I like the idea, my only problem is that i have so many looks lately, i would want one for every day. Lindens need to implement a revolving profile picture scheme.


I guess the only thing, is that a profile pic is scrunged down to a pretty small dimension, though clickign on it brings up the big size.  Its also used as your icon in im's to which is really tiny.


Not sure what the magic price point would be, but i think maybe it might be advertised not as a profile picture but a great picture to hang on your wall, and as a bonus you get profile sized version.  Fill your picks with examples, and start strolling the crowded clubs hahahha

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Woo! I love photomanipulations!

I'd love to be a dummy if you'd still like some practice!

As for me- I tend to tip handsomly depending on how much I like it and how friendly the artist is :) I've tipped as much as double the original charge. So it's all depending on what you wish.  I think a solid 500L is a good starting price (I appreciate 500L because then I feel like I can add a tip without feeling like the artist overcharges because he or she doesn't think that they will recieve a tip- if that makes sense). 

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Here is some input :)

I have personally seen artists/photographers at your entry to virtual world/SL stage, (which says not one thing about their natural level of talent), deliver astounding results & creativity in a very short time frame. *winx at them :)

Feel free to have a look at my profile pic inworld which is a 3d render. The aim from the outset was "art" and we absolutely adore the results, the theme of course was Mermaid/Siren/Celtic/midnight/seaside.

Your work is astounding and can be applied to any area of mythology, your imagination being the only limit.

Look up Squashy Beeswing who is the all time Faerie theme expert regarding SL for me. She's only really done a few but wow! amaaaazing.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3301 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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