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Machinima Open Studio Project

Chic Aeon
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mosplogoarty2-256.pngA few of you may have noted that my name is on LEA's new Artist in Residence list. Mine was not the only one from this forum *wink*. Here is the scoop on MY project, and yes it is machinima related.

The Machinima Open Studio Project is planned as a collection of environments and sound stages for filming. Most areas will be present day "reality" scenes, all dressed and ready for you, the director to add any final touches (rez friendly) and make your personal magic. After I set up the quicker locales, I will start working on more arty areas where imagination leaps beyond our everyday reality. So eventually, I'll be doing some filming too!


MOSP will have many levels, platforms and skyboxes. I will be setting up with shadows in mind (lots of outdoor sky backdrops); voice will be on, etc. It will be open to the public during construction.


So far I have a logo, a group and a welcome / meeting location made. We won't be getting our sims for a few days but there is still plenty to do. And of course there is a blog where I will post updates and photos of new areas available as I finish. http://machinimasl.blogspot.com/


If you have been thinking about giving classes, starting a weekly discussion or mentoring group, or getting a filming company together -- this may be the perfect spot to help bring your plans into reality. If you have ideas along those lines, just let me know here or inworld.


Any other ideas? I am open to suggestions.

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