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Cully Andel
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Oh, who knows how often he's really been in-world? I mean, he'd only need to be "Rodvik Linden" for events (e.g., an all-hands meeting) that demand the CEO in public attendance.

The current theme of Linden communication about SL seems to be geared toward minimizing expectations. It's not that LL used to be so good at communications, but we've reached a point of almost complete silence--except for a few blog announcements recently. I'm personally not very interested in the specifics of these particular announcements, but there were a few months where they wouldn't post anything to the blog.

Meanwhile, the office hour / "user group" meetings have dwindled to a precious (and, one fears, endangered) few.

So, not hearing about SL from the Linden Lab CEO fits right into that "say nothing" communications strategy.

What is weird, however, is that we've heard nearly nothing from Rodvik in the media nor even corporate press releases about all these new products that surely should have been on offer by now. Something must be going very, very wrong with those.

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Everyones bandwidth is being devoured except the elite few who have the ability to turn pathfinding off .... whether its an inconvenience depends on the limits agreed with your isp...

No wonders Roddy is hiding people in his home country are likely to have been hit hardest,,,,,

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Luc Starsider wrote:

I think it's funny that we have to see it as a good thing that the CEO of LL has logged in *once this summer*. Shouldn't he really log in a lot more often than that? I think so...

1)  I never commented about whether it's a "good thing" that the CEO has logged in to SL over the summer.

2)   Also, never said he logged in "once this summer".  Read what I actually wrote.

3)   Rodvik logs into SL frequently, often multiple times a day.  


My comment was specifically addressing the comment that Griffin made regarding "activity, where he had posted two links, and the dates on those links were from earlier in the year.   If someone was to infer that those dates mean anything in regards to Rodvik and his SL activity, they would have been amiss.


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Griffin Ceawlin wrote:

I wasn't suggesting that he hasn't logged in. That was, however, the last time that he made an appearance (and by engaging a group of users, which is encouraging, though choosing to do so there and not on LLs own forum is disappointing...) in a public way.

Yes, I realize your intention.   : )    You're also correct that Rodvik has not had much public engagement since then. 

Although, he does log into SLU and make comments on occasion, he and other Lindens have greatly lessened the public discourse that was the previous LL style.   We also know that the previous LL style was constantly criticized, so at least one thing has stayed the same!   *laughing*


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