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Mesh clothing Shops

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Hey all, 

I am new to SL, and I have recently learned about the awesomeness of Mesh clothing. However, I would really like to know what shops specifically sell Mesh clothing. Also, I have NO idea how to tell if clothing is Mesh or not...unless it specifically states *Mesh* on the title. Can anyone help me out here? For instance, when in a shop and you hover or click on an outfit, or shirt, what should it say in order to identify it as mesh?


Lady O

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When you are at a store and you hover over a picture of a shirt or dress etc, you will be hovering most likely over just that, a picture or ad for the piece of clothing so any info you get from that will give you the picture's info. In order to identify a piece of clothing as mesh, you are going to have to rely on the photo ad telling you that it is mesh. Almost if not all of the mesh clothing that I have encountered for sale inworld has the word Mesh featured very prominently on the photo ad / vendor. 

Also, almost all, but not all, mesh clothing stores provide demos to try before purchasing. These I highly recommend, as they are almost always free.

Non mesh clothing does not usually provide demos.

As far as which stores sell almost exclusively mesh, almost all stores now sell at least some mesh and some sell only or mostly mesh. It would take forever to name them all here and also may be unfair if we were to not list some. I recommend using Google to look up Second Life fashion blogs or even Second Life mesh clothing /  fashion.

If you are interested, The Vintage Fair has a little under a week left, lots of mesh clothing there from some of the best and or well known designers.


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Yeah, unless the sign says mesh, or they put out a real demo, you won't really know until you buy it. The good thing is that mesh is such a good tag to sell the item, most put it on the sign. I did make a video showing how you can tell if an item you are wearing is mesh, or an object that is rezzed. The video mainly talks about having a graphically efficient avatar tho, which is good info for any newb.

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All proper mesh has a demo. If it does not have a demo, then just assume it's sculpted and don't get it because how will you know it will fit? The only exception I found was the store HoC, that store never offers demos, but its stuff are just awesome that I always end up buying anyways.

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Stores that Sells mesh clothes: 

Coldlogic, Maitreya, Ison, Ingenue, Glam Affair, Leverocci, Geometry, Valentina E, G field.


Mesh Hair:

Alice Project, Wasabi Pills, Exile, Elikatira, Magika, Laviere, Exxcces, Lelutka, Chemestry, auxiliary, one bad pixel, [HASTE], beetlebones


Mesh acessories:

HANDverk, mandala, auxiliary, beetlebones, Maxi Gossamer


Mesh shoes:

Lassitude&Ennui, GOS, Slink, Leverocci, Narcotix, N-Core


Mesh furniture/cedor

HANDverk, Cheeky pea, mudhoney, loft, pilot, la galleria, organica, cleo design, what next, dutchie


Mesh clothes almost all have demos, the mesh can be rigged or non rigged. When the mesh is rigged, it moves with the body, but you cant edit it, so you need to edit your shape to fit the mesh.

Non rigged can be edited, but it will work like the prims, example.. a prim or non rigged mesh hair will cross your boops, the rigged mesh wont.


Is no mandatory, but most mesh items follow the "standart sizes" that are xs, s, m, l and xl. 


Many stores sell only mesh items, the ad of this stores wont have the label mesh on it, like coldlogic and leverocci.


There are an event called FAMESHED, that have many creators that release shows mesh new released every month.



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