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Annoying phrases?

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Some of my least faves....


" I know this is rude but I really need a loan of $500 for my rent. I'm very honest and can pay you back tomorrow." (yep)

"hi"  (immed by random naked noobie male with wood hovering 30m over my head)

"show some linden love" (eyetwitch)

"hun" (condescending rudeness)

"giggles" (always surrounded by ascii bling and childish giggling sounds)

"oooh lalalala I luuuuuuve dis chuuuuuuuuuuune" (more eyetwitch)

"just sayin" (needs no explanation, but one of the rudest lines ever added to what was always intended to be insulting from the start)


My favourite lines are too many to list..anything said by a friend that invites play...genuine greetings by anyone...all the nice things we do as friends...they can't be listed as they are spontaneous and fresh :)


I actually like "git-er-dun" as to me it's quite positive, and means "lets roll up our sleeves and do this thing"..but I didn't grow up with it, so it's not as annoying to me.


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I hate when people (especially TV presenters) address a group as "guys", when clearly some of us have lady parts and are not guys.

I don't like "prolly" used instead of "probably"

I haven't heard YOLO or git-er-dun (I've been living in the basement for far too long) ;P

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I have 100's of them it seems.  Most are WAY over used and the more I see them, the more I hate them.  Here are a few:

1)  "That said" or "With that said"  <-- this is unnecessary wordiness.  Delete these phrases from your vocabulary.  People only use these because they think it makes them sound smart.  Oh boy, are they ever wrong!

2)  "Wassup"  

3)  "Anyways"  Spell it right, people.  A N Y W A Y

4)  "Boi" or "boi"  This is a derogatory spelling when referring to male subs and an intentional misspell.  UGH!  Again...spell it right, people!

5)  "Linden Labs"  It's only Linden Lab.  Not Labs.

6)  'I know right?"  

7)  "Show some Linden Love"  /me rolls his eyes

8)  "Ginormous"  Whoever first came up with this stupidity needs to be kicked in the jimmy.


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They may or may not be considered phrases, but I hate gestures. I really hate that silly laugh gesture that is overused everywhere, especially dance venues. I hate gestures so much, that it has become grounds for banning on my land. I think people overuse them and just can't think of anything intelligent to say, but feel the need to say something, and that is why I have come to hate them so much. :matte-motes-confused:


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i hate when people call me Miss Ceka in a mistress sense of the word..

i'm the farthest thing from a mistress that there is..hate when people mistake B!tch for Miss..hehehehe

what else is there? umm.........

oh ya!!

when i say something and everything i say this other person will  try to make it into some horny talk..

it reminds me of when monica was making a salad for the salad perve on friends..


just stuffs like that..


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"Wassup"  is the worst one for me. It confuses me to no end as I have no idea how to reply..should I then tell what I am doing? Or just 'wassup' back?

"Hun" and "Hon", gives me the creeps and makes me close a chatwindow instantly, be it said by a woman or a man.
(same goes for: hottie, cutie, hawtie etc )

"do you skype/msn/webcam?"....argh!



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16 wrote:

ima busy

ima callback

ima byenow

q; jejejjejejeje (:


sorry i cant help it. is friday nearly saturday so ima wasted

There was only ever one Wasted E.

I don't think there can ever be another.

Sometimes I miss his rants and posts.

They made for some of the liveliest and most fun discussions the Forums ever had.


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text speak... anytime . I can't stand seeing HRU, cul8tr, ne1, and the thousands of others used in the forums and in SL itself. I don't care how smart you actually are, no one wants to decipher text in a conversation.

and emoticons, it seems every other person ends their sentence with one. Just stop. srsly.

"hun" doesn't bother me. Usually it's a term of endearment. Kind of like my grandad calling everyone "luv". He is British, my aunt grew up in the south and calls everyone hun.


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To a certain extent, be more forgiving of some of these phrases. For example, I know many grandmothers who use the word "hun" and they don't mean anything by it. It's just habit.

On the other hand, I do know what you mean when certain people use "hun" in that syrupy derogatory manner because they have ulterior motives, that is really creepy.

Emoticons and gestures can be nice sometimes. The only reason why they become annoying is because they get overused. I've been at parties where you can't talk to anyone because the chat is being filled up with stupid "~<>giggles<>~". That's annoying.

So to me, it isn't necessarily the phrase, word, gesture, or emoticon that is annoying but how it is being used or overused that can be annoying.

Personally, the phrase I'm most often annoyed by is "has invited you to join them". Why do strangers assume that I don't have a life and that all I do is sit around waiting and just hoping that some stranger will invite me to be part of the audience that is worshiping that stranger?

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3309 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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