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WolfBaginski Bearsfoot

Will there be a Main Channel Server Deploy?

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Go check the Grid Status page, the Calendar at top right, and you will see they have a weekly pattern of server roll-outs. In about five hours, at 5am on a Tuesday morning, they expect to put out new code for the Main Channel, some 70% of the Grid being restarted, with the usual warnings about No-Copy items and in-world L$ transactions.

The announcement on that page is usually fairly close to the start time. I am not greatly surprised there is nothing there yet. But there is no sign of the usual Deploy thread here, and one would expect the decisions to have been made during normal working hours in California.

I gave up expecting to be able to do anything on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the roll-out process became so incrediblt extended. It's partly the time-zones that make that worse for me. But at least you got told something. Oskar sometimes seemed like the only Linden who bothered to tell customers anything.

I hope nothing has happened to him.


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The announcment was posted at 20:05 Am on the grid status page

Second Life Main Channel Rolling Restart

Posted by Status Desk on August 21st, 2012 at 12:05 am PDT

[Posted 12:05am PDT, 21 Aug 2012] We will be performing rolling restarts for regions on the main Second Life server channel. They will begin on Tuesday, Aug 21st at approximately 5:00AM PDT. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects, making inworld L$ transactions and remember to save all builds.



So I would say yes.

Oskar usualy posts unless he is sleeping a little longer today.. I am almost willing to bet he posts on his own time....

I am sure it wont be long now before he posts the news in the forums

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