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Glasz DeCuir


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We are asking your Portrait for making an exhibit and have different working avatars names lists available to get contacted by Producers, Directors and Customers for future projects, by example.

 We want to build this in a fun artistic way so we ask you a Portrait, your PIC. Imagine by example, a Director needs actors, voice actors or clothes or specific animations for filming. Watching THE FACE OF MACHINIMA everyone will find portraits about avatars availables on different jobs and artwork that appears inside a machinima; also text list of each speciality. Suggested areas:

 Animation creators, Machinimatographers, Avatar creators, Machinima Producers, Actors, Musicians who want to share their original music or remixes for machinimas, Voice Actors, Builders who made custom works, Fashion Designers who had designed or want to do specific clothes for a movie, Screenplay writers,… etc.etc.etc.

 Your avatar shows a lot of yourself and your work. We ask of course a few lines explaining what you can offer and how to contact you directly. 

This is an open project supported by AViewTV with any cost for you. Its FREE and FEEL FREE to send us your info.

 Basic Rules: We ask you to send us 1. Portrait of your avatar 2. a short Bio references (about 3 lines) Both with your avatar name, please. 

You can find the FORM and MAILBOX at



Add yours too soon!!!

Any question or for sending you PIC and Notecard please contact Glasz DeCuir



The Machinima Portrait Directory




Glasz DeCuir - AviewTV THE FACE OF MACHINIMA Project Curator 

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