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Lucia TopHat

animated textures


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First you need the script to animate the image. If you have one of the old style Linden fires that animates the flames the script is in there with full perms.

Then you need a texture with 16 images on it to be animated by the script. Something like this...


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It's a tiled texture that is displayed in chunks,
Each tile is a frame, LSL has a special function ti display these tiles as animation but the tiles have to be a power of 2 in width and height. (2 4 8 16 32 etc) Also making animations it's best to try and keep frames to that amount.

If you have a non looping animation with 65 frames, it's bette rto use only 64 frames.
Because 64 frames is 8x8 wich fits perfect.
For 65 you'd need 16x16!!! a quarter of the quality of your image!

To create them and read about the details behid it visit http://www.mrmonke.net/anigifTolsl

It lets you upload an animated gif and edit it -in your browser- per frame.
You can pick what frames to use, what frames to skip in various ways and set animationspeed.
The site generates a texture to use in Second Life and a LSL script to use in secondlife.

   FAQ: http://www.mrmonke.net/Forum/gif2ani.aspx?g=posts&t=6

   Example: http://www.mrmonke.net/Forum/gif2ani.aspx?g=posts&t=7

If ever LL decides to have greater textures. (It's 1024x1024 now) each step would mean 4x the frames we have now or 4x the quality :) But i don't think that will happen becauseit will also mean they have to use 4x the bandwidth ;)

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