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Looking for ANY RP

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I am looking for some place to role play .The WHERE and the WHAT is not so important right now as the WITH WHOM.  

Basically what I'm saying is that I'm interested in rping with a fun, friendly, and smart group of people who will accept me.  I'm willing to rp a number of different things so what are you into? Post here or IM me in world. I'm on a lot of the time and if I don't reply right away it just means I'm off taking care of something for a bit and I'll be back.  I'm looking to start right away! 

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Well, we can't know who will accept you into their group... we can't know who will be compatibile with you...

I have found two very different styles of RP in SL. There is what I think of as the Classical RP, everything is decided in IM and then acted out in local chat. I find that far too tedious. The other style uses a meter and a loose set of rules that allow spontaneious RP. Combat or something similar takes the place of dice roles. 

I prefer the more spontaneous RP because of surprising developments that seem more like RL. And it is less work and allows for short RP seccessions. Less work... more play... kinda like that beer. An example of the more classic RP Necronom IV and Doomed Spaceship, both fantasy sci-fi worlds. The builders are awesome. 

Land of NoR and Toxic City (? sp last one there) are using combat meters. Both are older established communities.

There are fans and haters of most RP games in SL. People that like RP seem to like drama. Unfortunately there are people that can not separate their feelings in the game from their real life feelings. Those people usually end up as haters of the RP games they get kicked out of for taking game issues to OOC arguments.

I have experience in NoR and think their game management is pretty good. If you avoid OOC drama, it is an excellent game.

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If you like the idea of post apocalypse, you can check Pleasant City. The community there is small, but active, and everyone is very welcoming to new players.

You can get there with this teleport.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scroop/91/29/2001

RP there is based on post order. Things can be discussed in IM, if you wish. Occasionally you might get an IM asking for clarification (such as "Where were you aiming when you tried to hit me?") But for the most part, it's just a matter of posing during your turn.

If the sim looks empty when you log on, it's probably not. The sim consists of several scenes, connected by an elaborate teleport system. Half the fun might be getting lost and trying to find your way back! People to look for incude:

Solstyse (me)

Nash Sauber

Shylock (sm0kapotamus)

Rhage Kromskull


We can be found by doing a people search inworld. or by looking for the # signs on your radar, if you're using a third party viewer like Firestorm. # means we're there, but on a different "level" than the one you're on.

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Fallen - City of Charm: No meter, post apoc world in another dimension.


Heretic Pass - Meter used only for dice rolls I believe. Fantasy urban


Realm of Mystara: Fantasy Medivial Europe, meter free.


These are the only places I would suggest unless you like combat meters and barely any RP at all then go to these places

City of Lost Angels: Post apoc, urban fantasy CCS meter

Toxian City: Post apoc, urban fantasy, DCS meter


Personally I prefer no meters at all and love free form roleplay, I've never heard of anyone deciding an outcome in IMs. Not unless it was part of an ongoing storyline...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3148 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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