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Why can't I log in with Nirans Viewer?

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It's highly unlikely this has anything to do with Niran's viewer. I use Niran's viewer all the time and logged in a number of times today. It's working very well.

More likely this is our old group tag issue where you have an invalid character in the tag so your main alt is being affected while the alt with a different tag isn't. Try getting the group owner to kick you out and see if you can then log in.

Love Rolig's comment on support staff as just Niran to answer and you can post a question to him on his SLU thread here if you wish:


Register and then scroll to last thread page and post a question. Include full details of your computer specifications. Be more specific too on what exactly is happening and what error message appears if any. Try the group tag thing first, he can be tetchy at the best of times  :smileyvery-happy: but it's a wonderful viewer with amazing graphics.

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