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Sanırım ihbar edilmişim

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Ne oldu bilmiyorum ama giriş yapamıyorum.

Pacific time hatası alıyorum maillerime baktığımda şu mesajı gördüm;

"Dear TheCilekli Resident,

This email is notification of action regarding your Second Life account,
TheCilekli Resident, for violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or
Community Standards.

Violation: Failure to Comply with DMCA Notifications

Linden Lab has received notification(s) of copyright
infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
("DMCA") regarding your Second Life account(s).  To comply
with DMCA notifications, you must disable all infringing
works in world and in your inventory.  In addition, changing
the name of said works is not in compliance with this

If you believe that you did not infringe another's
copyright, or that removal of the identified work(s) was by
mistake or misidentification, you may have the work(s)
reinstated by submitting a sworn counter-notification.  To
be effective, a counter-notification must be in writing and
contain the information identified in our DMCA Policy under
the heading "To File A Counter-Notification," located at

As a result of this violation, your Second Life account is
being temporarily suspended for a period of 7 days. It will
return to active status on Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012.

Linden Lab"


İngilizcem pek iyi değil. Kural ihlali falan diye çevirdi google. Nerede kural ihlali yapmışım anlamadım biri açıklarsa sevinirim...

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Yanlis hatirlamiyorsam dukkan yada marketplace de sattigin esyalardan kaynaklanan bi sorundan oluyordu bu. Ama en azindan sadece 7 gun banlanmissin. Zaten simdiye kadar acilmistir.

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