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Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion why hasn't Linden Lab kept up to date? !!!!!!!

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Anabella Maidstone wrote:

So voice doesn't work on the new mountain lion update. Has anyone been able to work around that? I have tried almost everything, nothing works!. I even heard firestorm's voice worked on mountainlion but, when I downloaded it my system wouldn't let me open it. -.-

This is what worked for some other people with voice issues on Mountain Lion:

Symptom: After updating to Mountain Lion, voice input is no longer recognised. You can hear but not speak. \[Not a DNS/connectivity issue

Note: This appears to only affect built-in mic. I cannot repro on a Mac Pro with no built-in mic.

Workaround: First, check the mic is actually being seen at OS-level... Open Mac system prefs/Sound/Input

Make sure your mic is selected & shows some visible level on the settings underneath.

If that is OK, go to voice prefs in SL [prefs/Sound & Media]

Click Input/Output devices & switch the Input drop menu from Default to your specific mic.

Click OK. Re-open the pref. Check you can now see visual indication of your mic working.

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Blaze Nielsen wrote:

Peggy I would like to point out to you that Photoshop originally was a Mac only program. In 1987 Thomas Knoll developed the first iteration of Photoshop on his Macintosh Plus and in 1988 Adobe purchased the license to distribute it,  Photoshop 1.0 was released for Macintosh exclusively in 1990. And only later adapted for PCs. I still have a copy of Photoshop 1.0 from that era. I could debate the Mac vs. PC pros and cons for content creators all day. I'm not here for that. I'm simply asking Linden Lab to dedicate resources to make our OS compatible with SL.
The OS chosen by more professional content creators than any other. In the past and the present.

When used in an SL forum, the phrase "content creators" means people who make the content for SL, and nothing else.

The word "professional" means a person who does something for a living. In this case, it means a person who creates SL content for a living.

There are very few "professional content creators" - very few indeed. Single figures maybe or possibly double figures, but very few. Of those few, I would place a lot of money on PCs being by far the majority machine. And this is the reason why PCs are the most popular amongst them. People don't join SL to become professional content creators. They join because SL might be an interesting passtime. So the quality of the computer for creating content never comes into it, and the people who join are general people who use the computers that general people use. I.e. the percentages of people who use Macs and PCs in the world is reflected in the percentages of Mac an PC users in SL. Therefore, the great majority of SL users have PCs.

Some people then find that they can make things. Very very few of those end up creating content for a living. They won't change their computers for it because what they have already is extremely suitable for the job. For instance, would changing from a PC to a Mac aid with scripting?, with creating animations?, with building prim objects?, with creating sculptmaps?, with creating meshes? No it won't. So why would anybody change?

Exactly the same applies to all the content creators who don't do it for a living (who aren'ty professional content creators).

So you see, the great majority of content creators don't use Macs at all. Like you, I can't provide actual statistics, but I don't need to. Given the percentage shares of Macs and PCs in the world, it's just common sense.


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" For years, Macs were considered "the graphics machines".  That was sort of not true since back in most of those years where Macs carried that title the standard of graphics editing was Photoshop..........and Photoshop didn't run on Macs (it was a Windows only software package). "


WHEN was Photoshop a Windows-only software package?? It was developed on Macs and the first versions were Mac only.

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I agree with Blaze on this issue.  I personally couldn't give a flying f*ck Amethyst if your a designer or not.  I have been on SL since day 1 and was always a avid PC user then I switched to MAC which in my own PERSONAL opinion are better machines, however I cannot use SL properly because Linden have not resolved issues with SL and MAC Mountain Lion.  So boll*cks to Windows 7 and all the bugs that windows brings with it. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2982 days.

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