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Tamara Artis

Male slave needed

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We are 2 extremely busy artists in a need of one hot male slave to do things in our studio.

The guy is going to be locked up in a cage untill needed.


  • smart and skilled
  • quality skin and accesories
  • able to follow directions
  • willing to change appearance and outfits according to our desires

Job description:

  • write notecards,
  • model for our photoshoots
  • clean the studio

Weekly pay: Our Satisfaction, Attention and Humiliation of yourself worth

For sheduling interviews please contact Maliah Naidoo or Tamara Artis via notecard.


  • your full SL name, not display name!
  • time zone (in SLT)
  • skills
  • are you currently caged at any other place?
  • how much weekly time you can work?

We Don't accept Alts, no hidding.

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Mal, Honey.  I don't know if you noticed but the position was filled a little over 3 years ago.


Also, I would strongly urge you to edit the first post and remove the email address. 
Click on the Options link at the right of your post and select Edit.
Delete the email address and then click the Post button under the edit window.

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Haha those were god times, and tons of fun! I had no idea its been over three years since then....


Slave, show us how your avatar looks like, I plan to have some fun soon so who knows, maybe your luck changes... Feel free to insert a snapshot here, thank you.




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