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Theme Parties Every Tuesday at 4PM SLT at the Sapphic Keyhole Club!

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This goes out to all ya Lesbian/Bi-sexual girls - sorry boys but this is strictly girls only!

I'm the General Manager of the Sapphic City Keyhole Club - we're a Lesbian sex club/hangout club - we have all kinds of lesbian furniture around our spacious cabin and our Worlds Famous Holodeck system - featuring over 4 dozen scenes for your fantasy role play, sexual encounter, bondage fun or partying pleasure! All FREE to use!

Every Tuesday night we have a themed party in our holodeck with an AMAZING DJ spinning songs that you don't hear at every single club you go to! Clothing is optional, fun is mandatory!

Check us out sometime!

We're in Ciarnau - just do a search for the Sapphic City Keyhole Club! (We're not related to the 'other' Keyhole Club that's out there, the "Keyhole" in our name refers to a particular piece of female anatomy! LOL)

Our SLURL - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ciarnau/123/40/72

Hope to see ya there!

This coming week's theme is 60's Woodstock Rock party!

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