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What is the difference between Second Life and Inworldz?

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It's much worse than illiteracy in that grid, I can assure you...lol


And one other is comprehension, which Judy also apparently lacks, since none of what she said even makes sense.


inwz is only a small backwards niche grid, heck, just in the prims thing alone, Kitely and the rest of open sim have it completely beat.


Kitely offers 100k prim region and in free opensim I once loaded 381k prims on a region and stopped due to being tired...lol


Anywho, back to the peanut gallery, I had just noted some entry stats to my blog so thought I would come see if anything interesting or new was going on.

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Judy767 wrote: 

this may be an old post but the only thing inworldz is lacking rightnow is
patronage wich will go up once sl closes to open the newer sl version where their will be no prims builds the CEO and Sim region manager have already left and gone over to the new SL company
,  so save you builds now and get them over to Inworldz while you still can


SL was based on the Sex industry which has gone way down in numbers also game money is alot cheaper and you can transfer you L's to I'z so 1000L will turn into 1800 Inworldz money

Lol Wut?

Oh and, the sex industry has been having a boom in business since about 4.6 billion B.C., give or take a few weeks - Though given global warming it might enter a bust cycle soon.



That said I've heard many good things about InWorldz from it users but found basic scripts would not work right last time I tried (to which they then told me my specific issue had later been fixed).

For me it and all the other Open Sims have the same basic problem: Too small and they do not care to cater to people who look like what you see in my avatar to the left.

- Folks may say they do (but I've not brought this point up there before), but look at what's available when you go to design your look in all of these worlds. Of course the same has long been true in SL. Its a playground for first world northern-European descended white people who grew up in the 1980s. But SL has over time had enough other types of people carve out spaces in the unwelcome dynamic that I don't feel totally alienated.


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I can't speak to your experience, and what aspects of non-caucasian culture you seek here and there.

One doesn't have to look very far to find blaxploitation sims... Try using the term 'interracial' and see that it gives you anything BUT places friendly to folks of a mixed race.

Your dismissiveness does make me wonder if you're not like one of those people that gets on Fox news to nod their head in agreement everytime one of the Fox talking heads gives a lecture on the problems os [insert minority race here].

- If that insight is very unacceptable to you, its just a reflection of what you've said to me. And I hope you realize the level of insult in what you wrote.


I suggest you take a very good look at what I wrote, because it is NOT what you responded to. And that says a lot about you.

- I noted how POC don't find a welcome space. You mention racism under every rock.


When I got to SL, as a Native American, I spent my first year or so representing as a white avatar because I could not find anything that represented my sense of my real self. Perhaps this also shapes why I so easily adopt furry, african, neko, and other forms - the ability to look anything like myself was not possible within what I was able to find.

(There were native sims, but it took me a long time to find them - my initial attempts at looking kept landing on Gorean and sex venues, or genocide entertainment (cowboy sims)).

But that didn't bother me, too much, as I'm used to that in 'gaming' scenes... folks present things for themselves; all folks do that. And the place was amazingly overwhelmingly WASP.

But outside of gaming... I come from a city where whites are only 30%, but no ethnic group is in the majority (Asians come in just a fraction over whites) - so frankly I am NOT used to the 90%+ WASP culture around me thing. The white folks I know in real life tend to speak multiple languages, have traveled abroad (half of them are not even Americans), and have a culture  that is international.

Once I did find some native looking outfits and put them on, I noticed a dramatic change almost instantly. Like every noob I was always entering those dress up contests. I'd win a lot of them, people would chat me up, say hi, IM me, and invite me to go all over the grid with them. Then I showed up on a browner skinned avatar one day, and my best attempt at cobbling together some sort of native like items, and noted my ancestry in my profile. Outside of friends people just stopped talking me, and half my friends dropped away.

- That was a long time before I started commenting about things. But I observed, and tested. I got darker, and shifted to a look somewhere between Native ans African thanks to the quality of skins and such (one aspect of the unwelcome is how difficult it is to make a shape with facial features that a non-caucasian) - and the further down that color spectrum I go, the more markedly different the responses I get.

Now I have a lot of alts, and I've learned to tell what scenes in SL will instantly cold shoulder the black ones, and what scenes will start trying to give me very bad renditions of 'gangsta ebonics sex talk.'


But the real issue I had with InWorldz is the one I had when I started in SL: when I went there, I could NOT find any skin options. If its changed or if I missed something, that is good to know. But the online world has been around a long time now - and I should be getting diverse options in the loading screens / selections, or in the initial spot I rez in.

- Is the lack racism? I didn't say that, you did. I said it makes me feel unwelcome.


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Possibly you may wish to join g+ , or add this person if you already are using it...Buni is a wonderful, outspoken, black woman who is also an Indie Author...and a good friend of mine.

She is very sharing and has skins and shapes you may like too, free...and free places to set as home if desired.


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Minetheree wrote:


Possibly you may wish to join g+ , or add this person if you already are using it...[...] is a wonderful, outspoken, black woman who is also an Indie Author...and a good friend of mine.

She is very sharing and has skins and shapes you may like too, free...and free places to set as home if desired.

Don't use G+, facebook, etc. I keep a flickr and a wordpress - but that's as one is a gallery and the other my soapbox. :)

I've found my niche now - but it took work to do it. The only distressing thing was seeing people I'd known in my early days sort of vanish as I "came out" as a 'real life' Native American, and then even more when I adopted an African Avatar while exploring issues of faith. But at the same time, both of these opened up new friendships with a number of good people. People who like me are in SL exploring themselves and such. So its taught me about how I had in past sought friends in the wrong ways, and how in future I can do better at that.


Unwelcome is the best way to describe the whole presence in these worlds for 'People of Color' - in that they often fail to address our needs. SL has taken years to get anywhere near to having decent variety, but it still is a LOT less integrated and diverse than almost any place I've ever encountered in my real life, save for when I lived in Asia.

Something for LLs AND the InWorldz people to read:


Apply that not just to gender, but also race.

- Keep in mind that with the online environment having for so long had so few "people on the box" for us to recognize and feel "that place is inviting me" to overcome that one has to be a little more bluntly obvious.

Its 2014. When I used to work with marketers I found most people feel more welcomed when they see diversity in things like the marketing - it tells them a number of coded messages about either who they are or who they wish they were that are inviting (as in: we're diverse like the group of friends you wish you had in this modern age).


- I judged InWorldz in about 5 minutes flat from my first encounter. I bring the judgement I made up a lot. Is it fair that I did that? No. But that is a fact of marketing, and one that hurts SL too all the time. First impressions are quick and hard to overcome. Rational side of me knows I should give it a second look. But the day I first tried it way back when I found scripts flawed, nothing for a neko, and nothing for a non-caucasian. And that was just from the starting freebies area.

Unfair as you can get - and that is exactly how any other potential customer will judge it, and judge SL. From what they see in the first few minutes or even seconds of initial contact.


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I understand completely, or as best I can in this medium.


Perhaps you may find this person interesting also, as he is a Native American, and runs several regions in the Metropolis Grid, he is also a good friend.




Neither of those people require you to use g+, I am simply pointing them out due to what you are saying, and you can read what they say and some of what they do there, if you wish to.


I am not sure of the lingo on that link you give, but perhaps cisgender refers to another friend, tho I am also not sure of what she calls herself...and please forgive me for not being "up to speed" on current terminologies...I am a bit old and not able to keep up well anymore.




In any case, whatever comfort place you find, is wonderful-))

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Alright then; I apologize for insulting you; it wasn't my intention, it was a very casual comment, but only you can say or know if you felt insulted by it.  and for that, I apologize. 

Anyone that knows me, even a little bit, knows I am not the person you described here 'one of those Fox news people'.  Oh but wait, you *DON'T* know me.  Even a little bit.  You and I, do not have even a nodding forum acquaintance.  Perhaps it is your marketing experience, that you mentioned, that caused you to judge me that way based on the comment about racism I made.  If you don't know anything about someone, then you're entitled to make stuff up.  That's the way of the internet.  For me, it doesn't mean anything, as you and I have absolutely no interaction, at all, simply crossed here, momentarily,  and you're entitled to your opinion.  You're right, it's 'very unacceptable to me' but you're still entitled to it.  Anyone who knows me, knows it isn't true.  But you're still entitled to it.

I did dash that comment off, and I'll try to clarify a little better.  I never had a white avatar; it never occurred to me to go there; even as a noob with NO skin at all, just the slider settings on the avatar itself, I colored my skin dark, because, that's who I am.  So I don't really have an experience of going around SL with a white skin.  I imagine that would be an illuminating experience, but one I'm not interested in trying.  

I have no doubt at all that what you're saying is true, about some sims in SL (IWz too?  I don't know, not there enough) I wasn't meaning to imply that it wasnt true, just that why would I go looking for it?  I know that a search for 'Interracial' might bring you anywhere, but it's not a search that I'd be doing; setting myself up to get my feelings hurt, for what purpose?  In SL, as in RL, sometimes you can happen upon things you weren't expecting; (In RL, in a major US city, there was a KKK rally yesterday.  Those people are still around, in droves, with their hoods and signs and their right to free speech; people out and about, just living their daily lives, happened upon it)  It's so much easier in SL and these virtual worlds, to leave.  I don't go looking for it, and if it finds me by happenstance, I leave.  Unlike RL, being here is a choice. 

I don't agree that POC don't find a welcoming space, (is that ok, that I disagree?) although I must agree that you don't, since it's your statement.  I always remove myself from blanket statements like that.  If I found myself feeling unwelcome, I'd be gone in a heartbeat.  I've been here awhile, so, I guess I've found something welcoming, that doesn't cause me discomfort.  I don't expect LL, or IWz admin, or anyone else, to meet any needs of mine.  If I choose to avail myself of a venue, then it's really up to me whether it meets my needs or doesn't.  I would be very surprised to learn that either corporation had any POC on their boards, or even their creative content people, to concern themselves about meeting my needs as a RL black female.  If there were no black skins, in SL, I'd still be using the sliders, or I'd be gone. 

Like you, I also grew up in a city that was mostly non-white.  It was quite an eye opener to adjust to being around so many whites, for me that was in college and beyond.  I just learned to do me, and allow others to do themselves.  I remember when I married, I had a double wedding, (my husband's sister).  She wanted to dress in African garb and jump the broom; her brother (my husband) did not.  So we compromised, we did both, and other than being kind of a long wedding, that worked, because she was herself, and so was I. 

At any rate, I reach out to you peacefully and with no rancor, and again, am sorry for insulting you. 


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Treasure, I think Pussycat is putting a label of racism on the discrimination she is suffering because of the stupidist attitudes of others.


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it like seconlife used to be, theres more of a community feel to it people are friendly and want to help.the owners of inworldz are involved in their community. Everything is cheaper at the moment the transition from Ls to Izzies (inworldz currentcy) 1000Ls=1800iz . full sims are 75$ and carry 3 times the prims 45,000prims per sim.there are Sl creaters there.as far as being rip off.....NOT at all if we only had one choice ,you couldnt call it a choice realy. think about other things in life for instance medication . if you only had one option for your alement they could name their price ,and in turn take advantage of you the end user. its healthy to have compatition will help consumer (us) in the long run. I love sl .but i have a place in inworldz too.they hold to their TOS and ive never seen a griefer there.I was told they get delt with right away..SO i guess im saying theres pros and cons .a majority of people i met ther are from SL ,and some still partake in SL activitys still aslo.Another thing to think about that SL wont do as it is an open sim  format ,is implacate hypergrids wich are sims that allow other open sim grids to acces that sim ,There are many many grids out there Now they are starting to connect with each other makeing it a vastly bigger community .A creator might see this as a good thing as their items are exposed and sold to bigger community than inworldz its self. i went there was 0 days old ,and a family found me and gave me a place ,i was dumbfounded .how often does that happen in SL?it more of a comunity than a world in my opinion.someting i like .

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yes, it does seem to be friendlier. I also like that mesh items don't blow out in LI cost when you make an item bigger. Like a decent size mesh tree is still just 2 LI. That surprised me.  And also land is so cheap. It's really great if you're a builder and can just import your items. But for people who aren't builders there isn't much to buy yet. hopefully that will change, because it's so much cheaper. Again, I love that fact that mesh can be made bigger and the LI stays low.

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I tried Inworldz now for a few hours. It looks "oldschool" like sl years ago...  You can`t do much as it is emty (i don`t find any other people and believe me i visited many sims...)... Against many others statements here i think it`s more commercial like sl (i found nothing usefull for free, something to try inworldz out without paying money, they always tried to sell you the Inworldz currenzy, it was realy frustrating, after hours i still have the noobish start avi and walk around like a sick duck, even that there wasen`t any other people you could ask or maybe just looking in there profiles to find a nice place)... apropos nice places... i didn`t find one.

It may be cheaper for people who build or create but well...  be happy with the things you made in a empty world. And btw... all the things (skin, hair, outfit, ao etc. etc.) i found costs minimum the same like in sl, much are more expensive and they far away from looking as good as in sl. Well, not in the stores.  I have to admit that i couldn`t try one of them as, like it seems, it is normal in Inworldz that you have to pay for demos. Sure, there are some stores in sl too which take money for a demo but hey... there are so much alternatives. And be sure... you never have to pay for a demo from a top designer or builder.

Overall i have to say that's a question that just doesn't come up. Inworldz is for people ( like i`m one) who want to login from time to time, meet and talk to people from all over the world, enjoying nice, well made, crazy, surprising things devinitive not the right place.

PS: Please excuse my bad english... it`s not my first language...

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I hear what you are saying here, and some of the issues you refer to are in fact a problem anyplace but SL.

If you are looking for something different, and doing innovative things for a commercial grid [meaning much more is actually happening now that is NOT in the handful of commercial grids], then you might consider looking into Kitely.

Their pricing in in line with current technology, you can get a free but limited use region to play with, and it is NOT an overly commercialized mini SL at all.

More info can be found here;

http://www.kitely.com/ [pricing and other info]

and here;

http://www.kitely.com/forums/index.php [where much of the social aspects currently are]

My personal interests are with the free Metaverse aspects, non-commercial and no-currency, but Kitely is a very good option to see other commercial type ones and is running current OpenSim code which of course has had mesh for several years, and other very cool things going on.


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Hey Sonja- It's true that in SOME things, IW is like old time SL. It's true also that the popuplation IS lower- to be expected for a world not out of beta yet.  It is also true that the biggest draw right now is from a Builder's point of view as opposed to social- because of the lower number of folks. 

However, I'll tell you, last night I spent about three hours dancing in a club to live music. The night before, same thing. In both places there were between 20 and 30 other people at all times. It may have somethign to do with your time zone. It really is most populated in US time zones at the moment, although there are Euros present as well.

As for freebies - there is an awesome thing called the Freebie Ring that you can tp around the grid getting your av up to speed with out it costing you a single cent. As for exploration, there is an Explorer HUD you wear that will also get your around to some wonderful sites. IW is a big supporter of the arts and you will find a very large artist presence there, if you are into that.

I hope you will give us another chance some time :) - It is up and growing! If you drop in again, send me an IM- same name - be happy to get you started.

Good luck and enjoy any world you choose. That is really the ultimate thing- to enjoy - no reason to choose one over the other.

Be well.


(edited for typos)

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The InBiz terminal is where I went.  It seemed funcitonal until I checked it out with a code, but neither terminal in the building would work and I got a message telling me it was an invalid code.  Also had a major crash while I was there, if that says anything.    I think it's easier just to put money separately than to deal with the exchange :D

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There are many differences between Secondlife and InWorldz, while I may not be able to list them all I will tell you about InWorldz and also tell you about Secondlife.


Inworldz is the place where everybody thats disappeared from Secondlife has gone to? Well I will tell you about this new place of course I will ask that you try it before saying you dislike it though, This new place is a new game all together just like Secondlife just alot cheaper. Notice how in Secondlife you need to spend thousands on everything just to get something good going for you well in this new place you dont have to spend much of anything at all, upload costs are free, group costs are free, building stuff is millions times easier, land is only $75.00 a month for a full sim with 45000 prims, money is only $25.00 for 12500 instead of paying $50.00 in Secondlife for 12500, and so many other things are there that will make your head spin. But you want to learn about the new Gor so I will tell you now.

Some of you have heard of this new game and some havent but its grown over 5 years of being open and has gotten itself a ton of people inside of it, everything is cheaper there not to mention so soon enough everybody will be over there and secondlife will be a dead game all because of one thing, PRICING. Lets face it Secondlife has no plans to lower their prices on land, L$ or anything even if they have competition they dont see a need to lower anything.

The money in InWorldz is called l'z$ the money in Secondlife is called L$ so their kind of the same.

Now before you go asking yourself if things are more expensive seeming buying money on InWorldz is cheaper then it is in Secondlife? No things are not more expensive, and some stores that are in Secondlife that are also in InWorldz make their products the same price as they are in InWorldz.

So let me ask you
Would you rather pay $50.00 for L$12500?
Or would you rather pay $25.00 for L'Z$12500

Would you rather pay $300.00 per month for a full sim (And possibly the 1000.00 set up fee?)
Or would you rather pay $75.00 per month for a full sim (NO SET UP FEE)

Those two questions are what adds it all together because in the end you'll be paying thousands of dollars per year when you only have to pay hundreds per year, below im going to give you a chart of what the normal person on Secondlife spends if they bought L$12500 every month for one year

$600.00 for L$12500 for 12 months in Secondlife

Now I am going to show you how much you would spend on InWorldz if you bought L'Z$12500 every month for one year

$300.00 for L'Z$12500 for 12 months in InWorldz

Ok now lets do land costs for 1 year Secondlife versus InWorldz (This is without the $1000.00 set up fee that Secondlife requires)

Secondlife Pricing for full Sim- $3696.00 per year

InWorldz Pricing for Full Sim- $900.00 per year

So what differences in money are you deciding to put into one versus the other?

For buying L$ versus L'Z$ your losing $300.00 per year of your own money by choosing L$

For buying a full sim per year your losing $2796 by choosing Secondlife for your land

So all together your losing around $3096.00 all together by sticking with Secondlife and thats just if your paying for L$12500 and a full sim, chances are your paying for alot more L$ and alot of you probably dont want to buy land because you dont got $308.00 to put in on it. So for all you out there paying $3096.00 into here when you could only be paying $1200 into InWorldz per year I tell you this, that $3096.00 that your putting into Secondlife could be used to buy a new computer, new television, new games, new housing supplies, new EVERYTHING, yet your choosing to pay a difference of $3096.00 maybe because you dont know about InWorldz or maybe just because you think Secondlife is better and you are right in many ways, Secondlife is a place where stuff is more advanced and for the people out there that want to turn a profit and dont care about the fun only the money. But I leave the decision to you because it is your choice in the end, i am only here to tell you what differences that InWorldz has verus Secondlife, neither one is better than the other, its all about opinion because fact is not a word easily said seeming everybodies opinion is not the same.

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lol (:

if is only about cost then i got a even better deal

i have 128 sims for 0$ RL and zillions of inworld dollars for 0$ RL as well. I got so much moneys I ran out of things to buy. My NPCs bots even are rich. One of them even returns my 1000L tips bc they think they worth more than that. It even sniffs now like I am insult it. lol is pretty funny to have a sniffy stuck up NPC (:

i even got people not me come on my sims. Well two other people. They even richer than me. They can get 1,000,000 e$ each on the refill just by click Buy. And they do lol. They got billions each. and 50 sims each for nothing. and I only have 28 myself. bc I am generous like that. Well they actual need that many sims to hide on bc when they come on I fire lots of rockets at them. jejejeje (:

i have a mod of opensim yes (:


ps. I have a IW as well. Is some things that IW do well. And some not. Is not a straight compare tho

like I am collab with a friend on IW. We are making a motobike SL-like style. Is not easy on IW the way the vehicle physics work. I am pretty much having to unlearn everything I ever learn on SL even when is LSL syntax compatible. Is not that is bad or nothing. Is just subtlely different, so will be able to work it out all eventually. Just takes time is all


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Alistar Firecloak wrote:


Inworldz is the place where everybody thats disappeared from Secondlife has gone to?

Not so at all. After many years I checked the grid again. Some statistics:

• Total users: 110901

• Users online: 206

• Number of regions: 1359

I saw just a few people who where hanging in the welcome area. Else the grid looked very empty. It's a very quiet place.

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First of all  you dont have to pay 1000.00 for a sim that is outragious, then with our sims in IW you get 45000 prims. More people are moving over to other grids, Yes ill give ya SL is big now but as more people cant afford the theft of thier money to SL and move to a more affordable place even the sim sellers making all this money off tennants will be sitting there with alot of empty sims and empty pockets......as you said they  both run the same just that one is affordable and the other is a rip off....

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You described SL as being "big now", and yet to most people's way of seeing it, it's rather empty. So if your 'big now' is our 'empty', what does it say for InWorldz?

The thing is, the SL copy known as InWorldz has been around for quite a number of years, and it still han't made any significant inroads into SL's dominance. It's had plenty of time, but it just can't do it. Maybe it's because SL is coded by its owners, LL, whereas InWorldz wasn't created by its owners. It's just a freebie lookalike that other people wrote. Anyone can create such a world with the freebie lookalike code, as many people have.

So all-in-all, InWorldz failed in its attempt to compete with SL.

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