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Real and Amazing Love - Share your Thoughts

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Another "Amazing" I found a while back  and thought I'd share for those that believe in true love :).


When I wake up every morning

I always watch you for a while
Then I kiss you very lightly, 
Watch your lips turn to a smile.

Then you ask me what the time is, 
And I whisper in your ear
That the hour hardly matters
When you’re lying warm and near.

Your smile grows slightly wider
But you turn your face away
Hide your head under a pillow
Try to cheat the break of day.

Your hair wisps round about you
Flows like water to your hips
But your neck soon bare before me
Feels the pressure of my lips.

Then I touch you very lightly
Run my fingers down your spine
And your body gently waking
Turns till eyes gaze into mine.

And in that very moment
That I look into your eyes
When I wake up every morning
I am lost in paradise.

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I wrote a poem sometime back for my love Ladysue. Here is the link in the SLF.  http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Poems-about-Second-Life-Do-you-write/m-p/798113/message-uid/798113#U798113    and here is the poem.



With AO on, I walk behind your washed up footsteps.
In a land of no lag, with every step I make trying to turn back time
Beautiful particles streaming all around but now the sand has it captive.
I start a private chat with you and cry out, I miss you, I need you, I want you.
this sandy surrealistic and fully textured  beach holds our life, our love, our being.
the Second Life wind blowing gently around your lovely Avatar
stirs a passion in me like no other can achieve.
I sit waiting for you on my pose ball.
I still hear you, I still feel you.
the multi colored and animated waves wash my tears.
You IM me, sweetly texting me.  "Is everything ok?"
I set my graphics to ultra and cam out over the waves
Far down the sculpti filled shore
I see your footsteps in the sand.
And down the crimson animated shore
I see you standing, swaying to some unknown animation.
I cry out to you! "Let me animate your avatar!.  Sit on my pose
and let me hold ya close."
I'm no longer scared,
I'm no longer alone
I feel you.  You feel me too.
In my heart, my mind, and my spirit
I feel you, I feel you, I love you.

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I dream every night of a love I'm missing while awake.

A love that is pure, and kind, fun and spontaneous.

Some mornings, the dream makes me smile when I wake, almost as if it's real.

Other times it's like torture, waking to find it's only a dream.

Then I find second life, I log on and wander around.

Looking and searching, but still as lonely online as off.

I log off and go back to sleep.

And Dream.




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It was love at first view, in SL (on day two!), for this middle aged woman in heat.
I resisted advances, ignored her sharp glances. Can't swoon for the first girl I meet!

So I turned the table, to prove that I'm able, and gave her a collar to wear.
We went out for strolling, a little hay rolling. I made a tattoo we could share.

Semper Fi was my credo, but her heady libido was more than I could entertain.
So she dallied with others, while I tried to smother the thoughts that crept into my brain.

Two years of romancing, creation and dancing was simply to little to keep her.
So I pulled the plug while she professed, so smug, that I'm a high maintenance sleeper.

She might have been right, though it felt like a slight, I'm in no position to know.


To have had her attention, in this virtual dimension, is a memory I'll never let go.

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If I should die this very moment, I wouldn't feel

For I have never known completeness, like being here.

Wrapped in the warmth of you, loving every breath of you.

Still my heart this moment, or it might burst.


All this time I've loved you, and never known your face,

All this time I've missed you, and searched this human race,

Here is true peace, here my heart knows calm ,

Safe in your soul, bathed in your size.


All I've known, all I've done, all I've found was leading to this.

Could we stay right here till the end of time, till the earth stops turning,

Wanna love you till the seas run dry. I've found the one I've waited for.

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Love is like grease that is gone bad. It doesn't really stop the rust, but you use it anyway because you figure it is just grease and is simple. In reality, it works....but I mean....it doesn't really...well, sort of. I mean, you die either way and the damn thing you wished to preserve is now someone elses....just like your spouse might end up someone elses because...well, people are shallow and stuff. So, you throw stuff around or pour sugar all over the table...one...after...the...other. You scream "Why green....I hate those curtains...I mean, comeon" yet your agony is not understood....your heart feels like jellow molds have rejected it for a forighn periwinkle arrangment as thier choice to be molded into.....why does everything hate your heart?

Asking why wastes you time and you only have so many heart beats in your life. You really don't get why, but it sits idle and becomes numb....then there is the birds that keep pooping on the porch....damn them. Damn. Them.

So, yeah....you can try to understand why mustard comes from a plant and not a tree. But in reality, who really wants a sundayschool turnover left in the shade BUT suspected to be left in the sun for to long? See what I am saying....it is all so confusing!

But, if we ponder love....use flowery words (like chrysanthemun.....it is flowery, not a real flower name though) then....somehow we will feel OK. We will feel sad. No, not together....I mean, maybe...it all depends. But, yeah....we feel. Even sadness. That is feeling. So. Flower sounding works do NOT explain mustard coloration and origins while they also do not cause any effect of goodness. But, people just want to feel stuff. So, we sit in on a bench with one galosha on and ponder....why did we drink to much last night and leave the house with a fraction of the rain gear we needed and then end up on a park bench. AH, because the birds wouldn't poop on us here...because old men feed them well and they go away to other places....yes, THAT makes sense! YOu see what I mean. The human experience is so universal we are all OK, we are all loved because damn it....why would mustard NOT come from a tree...if we believe it can....it will, and it can.....genetic engineering will at least set it stright.

Why? Because man is unstoppable, because we feel...and have galoshers. I mean, we all have spell checkers to but that would be cheating and we can't have that...OK, it is not. In fact, it could be construed as being a cheat NOT to use spellcheckers! Time theif? Moi. Nay, just sloshing through the mustard orchards with my galosher and a bench stuck to me....yeah, I was glued and the bench was old....turns out I learned, by believing....that love doesn't exist. Only people USING others to thier advantage and now I am free.....so the universe loves us all and frees us, by having benches stuck to our clothes and letting us have genetic engineering. Yay, to no end will the universe amaze and confound. Star crossed galoshers don't exist, so we know there is no love.

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