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Glasz DeCuir


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New Project: The Machinima Portrait Directory


AviewTV Machinima Gallery want to expand info about avatars- people behind machinima activities; With this goal we begin a new Project and we are calling to send us pics, AVATAR PORTRAITS to Machinimatographers, Machinima Producers, Actors, Musicians, Voice Actors, Builders… all work categories avatars who had worked in Machinima making teams.  

The goal is to make an exhibit and a point center, listing in each machinima working area, through your pics, to be accesible for all residents.  We ask for your help sending us directly your PIC and Info Notecard to begin this open Project.

Your avatar portrait talks about yourself more than we can imagine. People are always curious on putting face to creators they like. Whats the face you want to show? 

Basic Rules: We ask you to send us 1. Portrait of your avatar (Size 512X512 or 1024X1024 p.) 2. a short Bio references (about 3 lines) Both with your avatar name, please. 

With this content we will mount an exhibit called “The Face of Machinima” for begining, a lot of things more if you join the call and send us enough data to make it grow up. Location – You can drop your PICS and notecards here  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Agua%20Del%20Alma/220/221/22 

Example:  John Smith 1- PIC (texture full perms) 2- BIO John Smith Director & Producer - RL: U.S.A. - 3 years working inworld - Merits - Company: Johnysmovies - LM/URL  

Any question feel free to ask 

Thank You for your Time

Glasz DeCuir - AviewTV Portrait Directory's Project Curator  

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