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Looking for a female domme for casual play

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I've been exploring the BDSM community of SL for about a month and learning how RLV works.


I currently have an RLV folder which contains the RF Body Corset, a few of the Hybridz avs, and some of Dari's freebie restraints.  I plan to expand upon it as I can afford to.


My kinks are almost completely limited to bondage.  I like being transformed into a rubber doll or other latex type creatures.   I like being led around on a leash.  I'm not fond of puppy or pony play particularly.

As far as bondage is concerned, I do not like being completely immobilized or unable to tp when the person who has me locked has gone offline.  I also only can deal with partial blindfolds, full ones or ones that provide an extremely small field of vision aren't for me.  Hobbling, gagging and partial blindfolding is all good.   Isolation is ok for short periods.  Looser earplugs (that just garble) I can deal with for longer.    If I am frozen where I cannot move at all, I would prefer to be left somewhere busy like the Rubber Room so that there are things to watch/people to talk to .


I'm not interested in being stripped. I really just want bondage/transformation/encasement in rubber.

I'm usually online 6-8slt.  Sometimes a little earlier.  This would be an extremely casual thing.  1-2 nights a week.  Probably just 1 most weeks.  I mainly want to be forced to wear a variety of the things in my RLV folder and experience of variety of restrictions and not know how long they will last.   If you are interested or know someone who can help me out, IM me in world or reply here.

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