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Boudicca Littlebird

What can we do to make SL better

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Your logic is flawed.  "Blame the customers" only works if you are a Ferengi.  :smileytongue:

Don't forget that SL is, so far,  the only viable virtual world platform with no real competition.  Just because people stay doesn't mean they are happy.  It is just that there aren't really any comparable alternatives.  Every suggestion given is the same repeated suggestions through the years here.  Apparently none of them are worth it for the Lab to even consider.  

LL charges $300 dollars per month for the privilege of being able to build "Your World, Your Imagination", any thing less than that and you must share your imagination space with others.  So forgive me if I am not willing to go the extra mile for them.  At the prices they charge, I really shouldn't have to.  

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Boudicca Littlebird wrote:

We all agree that times are hard.

We see from another forum that the CEO is at a loss on how to make people stay.

What can we do to help SL in their task to make people stay.

In another thread that pointed out the CEO went to another place to speak and not here, showed a lot of indignation of the event happening but didn't really offer solutions, it talked more about what SL could do for them.

As someone quite famous said "it is not what they can do for us, it is about what we can do for them".

So what can we do to make things better and help the CEO in his task of helping people stay.


I actually don't think there is anything we aren't already doing to make things better. This isn't a case of what can we do to make SL better. it's what THEY can do to make it easier to stay. People are leaving SL because it's getting boring. Why is it getting boring? Because many of the businesses that used to make playing here fun have left. Why? Because for some reason the lindens haven't yet figured out that their land fees are FAR to high and with a decrease in population, that means less people are buying so they can't pay tier. it's a viscious cycle...no money to spend means no money to pay land tier with. businesses will leave. Honestly, I just recently started checking out inworldz...it's kinda sad because it reminds me of what SL used to be back in 2005 or 2006...as far as the look of it...but the one thing they got right was the land fees! I know many who have left SL to go to inworldz and I hate it but I understand the financial reason why they are moving. the only way they are going to make people WANT to stay in SL is to make it EASIER to stay in SL...in other words...more affordable. Until then, I will probably continue to get the 1-3 notices every week of one of my favorite businesses closing up shop because they can't afford to keep their land open.

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NoName Quandry wrote:

First and absolutely foremost Linden Labs needs to LISTEN. For years now people have over and over been stating what Linden Labs needs to do, but, the attitude of the lab more and more seems to think people are unaware of their behind the scenes issues and concerns. 

6) Stop forcing people to accept what they don't need or want. Search has changed now to where no one can use it to find anything.
Viewer two was universally rejected as decidedly non-useable. Mesh is not needed as a replacement to sculpties. Direct Delivery is only going to create more problems as it continues to overload the server to replace a system that should have been fixed instead of replaced.

Hope this helps, but, sadly I'm sure it's only going to attract those who will point out I'm not helping or understanding of the Labs issues.


Ditto to your entire post.  As a content creator - the bolded part is HUGE on my list of LL irritations atm.

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Well Mr. linden you asked a question, I think you now have an answer, you are between a rock and a hard place, also convention stops you, don't know, a leader does his best as far as common convention, it is believed most are happy that way, but a great leader breaks with convention and creates a path all others follow, do you have it in your heart to be great, although most that have replied to all my post's seem hard to break, they all do have one thing in common and that is their unending love for this platform even the ones that claim to hate it, most want cheap but that is culture your convention breeds.

The question is how do you get them to help you keep people here, I think you should stop listening to experts and break from convention, I would say that you should not give a thing as none seem to want to give to you, so I think you should play that old game of tick for tack, when they give you a glimmer of hope you give them one only a bit bigger, that love that sits in their soul can be moved. 

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2) Content creators. Why continue to allow rampant theft of intellectual property and make preventing such theft almost impossible for merchants to stop. A system can and should be in place to make it EASIER to report copying and quicker to get copies pulled. The lab should aggressively pursue and shut down rogue programs that make copying easy and make it clear to those stealing the property of merchants that they are not welcome in Second Life. Instead, the opposite is true. Merchants feel Linden Labs makes it as hard as possible to file DMCAs, offers no assistance, and does the bare minimum required by law and only when pushed into doing so. Good content creators continue to leave Second Life, reducing the amount of good content here and making the grid less and less interesting to new arrivals.

SL has Intellectual Property (IP) theft like crazy!
Plenty of legitimate builders copy branded, copyrighted concepts and objects from RL, to sell for profit in SL with no permission =D
Clothing designs (especially from anime and video games).
Sound bites (paid gestures).
Audio streams (RIAA would not be happy about this).
(And many more!)
~ I'd be really curious to see how many photoshoppers actually have paid copies of photoshop.

Now, I apologize for sounding like a **bleep**. That's not my intent.

I'm playing devils advocate, because the whole "content theft" issue is really a double edged sword.
In trying to protect one aspect of SL, you really could end up hurting another aspect.

"The lab should aggressively pursue and shut down rogue programs that make copying easy"
As far as I know, your client is just getting info from the server, and re-drawing it locally on your computer... That means, all a copy-bot has to do, is take the information that's being drawn locally on your computer (IE, what you see, prim sizes and textures especially), and save it out to a file that the client can read, then re-upload, as if you had made it your self.

And other programs, are actually legit tools used by real game devlopers, that just so happen to also work with SL, they cannot be detected by the server at all.

~ Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% for people being rewarded for their work. I understand the spirit of your post =) I agree, that blatant IP infringements -should- be perused. However, ultimately it -is- up to the content creator to be aware of copyright infringements. It works this way in real life, too.

"but, sadly I'm sure it's only going to attract those who will point out I'm not helping or understanding of the Labs issues. "
Anyway, again not trying to sound harsh, your intents are good, but, I think you have to balance what's possible (both via man power, and hardware), and what can be expected. ~ There's always a risk that any program you make, any drawing, any design, will be stolen. The only sure fire way to prevent piracy, is to never make it in the first place. ~ Larger companies than LL struggle with piracy, such as Adobe, microsoft, and Electronic Arts... The question is, do you want your SL experience to feel exactly like "you're guilty until proven innocent" ?

Anyway, I'm getting off on a tangent here, I'm not telling you that you're not helping, or trying to discourage. I fully agree that theft is wrong, everyone will say that =) ~ What worries me is that, as a whole, some times content creators get so incredibly insane about "someone might steal my stuff", that they'll unethically burden everyone else around them in hopes of protecting their private interest.

To further elaborate on some things:
I think LL should offer info in one way or another.


General SL expctations.
(For example, your comment about sex addicts... That's so very true. You can't police IM's, but, people need to know 1, how to mute someone. And 2, that SL isn't just a big sexhole, it's a wide verity of things)

To their credit, LL has made the "destinations" features, much more prominant and easy to use.

AND, Copyrights and content creation.
(Again, for example, you cannot make an exact copy of a "ford mustang", and call it a "frog mustong", I see lots of content creators doing stuff like that, taking someone elses idea/property, and selling it for personal profit)

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Jo Yardley wrote:

Maybe I'm the exeption to the rule, but I'd rather find signs, videos and instructions and figure out things on my own in stead of being met by someone who I don't know.


whenever i do ask anyone a question i just wants to know the answer

the number of times i seen helpy people not only not give the answer but wants to debate with the newbie the premise of their question. makes me insane. i wants to shoot the helpy people who do that

edit: like i mean

newbie: how i get money?

helpy: you dont need money


newbie: how i get a mainland parcel?

helpy: mainland sux. you better off renting on estate


newbie: how i upload mesh things i made

helpy: mesh is not good for everyone. and if you made clothes then best to wait until linden finish the deformer


stuff like this makes me crazy. answer the question for goodness sake (:

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The successful community builders who build communitys from scratch have a pretty good idea of how to do it lol

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